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We all know the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will be facing off each other in Super Bowl 50.

Not the New England Patriots.

Well, Burke O'Connell, a die-hard Patriots fan banked his left calf on the New England Patriots going to the Super Bowl and winning the whole thing. But now, he might have to wear long pants for the rest of his life, at least when he is outside of the New England area.
O'Connell got his celebratory Patriots: Super Bowl 50 Champion tattoo before the AFC Championship game against the Denver Broncos. But when asked whether he regretted getting the tattoos, he said he had no regrets. Instead, he went on to say,

"They're champs anyway. We got four rings. We're the best anyway regardless if we win or lose."

The artist that worked on O'Connell's tattoo, Milky Tatz, explained his work. Because he did not want his client to regret his tattoo too much, he suggested they put the word, "CHAMPS" on top, not "Super Bowl Champs."
No matter where he put his tattoo, I feel like this is something that O'Connell will regret for the rest of his life. Let's not do anything stupid like this boys and girls, no matter how much you love your team!
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@shannonl5 @m3179035411 I wish I could tag some of my Patriots haters on this thread hahaha
@mchlyang haha I'm ready to fight XD
@m3179035411 @shannonl5 I'm sure things will get really out of control by the time Super Bowl ends. So...I'll just leave this thread as it is now.