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Which Couple Do You Like Better?

I am a big fan of Song Seung-Hun, but I am falling out of love with his character in When a Man Loves. Off screen, I have to say ... it looks like Shin Se-Kyung has a better chemistry with Yeon Woo-Jin. How do you think this show will end? Are you as addicted to it as I am?
These are on-screen relationships - the show is "When a Man Loves" - it's kind of a love triangle, so I was just wondering who everyone wants her to end up with... I don't know who she's with IRL.
But in the news she is in a relationship with Lee Min Ho ( city Hunter ) its that true??
well I want her to be with SSH but frankly I dont like the girl either...Did any of you watch episode 12 yet thats all ive seen and woaa this chick seriously ...its just pissing me off what shes doing to put it simple lol
@ larkspurs,yes your right,She's indebted to him but she didn't return it ,not the money case but she didn't care HTS.She's selfish... I don't like her.,too greedy of everything.
I think she feels indebted to him... she's too independent for him, it's sad how the other woman is so hung up on him and he has no interest - he is kind of getting what he's giving
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