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Yes it's here!!! Enjoy lovely readers!!! who dies? who knows the doctors name it's in the first chapters! ㅋㅋㅋ clues clues! happy searching and fangirling!!!! like I am right now!!!! thanks again for reading all my cards and for this series too your compliments make my day really! i appreciate it ! i love you all happy reading!!! my fanfatics! wanna read from the start ? links down below! - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 - - Part 5 - - Part 6- - Part 8 -
“I let you go without calling out to you, The night sky’s Empty, Its silent out there, Nothing moves, Why are you doing this to me? If your heart is hurting, That’s Not what you should do, You’re still the one that’s In my heart, So if you’re Hurting, I am too, You hide your pain underneath a smile, Even though you’ve Been hurting for a long while, I see the trembling of your fragile wings, I can tell you’re Suffering”
A gun shot was fired… Sehun runs to Kai and start to slap his face screaming S: “ Hyung!, Hyung, wake up!” Kai doesn’t Reply back as he closes his eyes slowly. And opens them, and closes them , while Sehun crying with blood dripping from his hands. Kai looking at him and smiling at Sehun, Kai could see Sehun graving his phone running and walking around the apartment, calling the doctor crying desperately for him to do something, all he could see was you in bed still bleeding, he smiled and said K: “ I couldn’t help it, I didn’t Know what to do, Sweet dreams my love, I’ll See you soon” Sehun on the other side saying, S: “don’t give Up on me hyung!, just please wait a little bit more”
Sehun sobs not know what to do, only to apply pressure on his neck, trying to fill with cotton balls inside the neck so he would stop bleeding, and wait for the doctor to come. As Kai crunched up his hand, smiled and gave his last breath.
He opens up his eyes and stands up from the ground he was laying in and says K: “Where am I?” Kai suddenly is in a white room with a door he slowly opens it he sees you walking away from him, he smiles and screams K: “hold on don’t leave me behind!” You turn around and smile back at him, he says to you K: “Who are you? What’s your name pretty lady?”
You simply smile and grab his hand softly and say to him softly, Y: “Come with me, I’ll Show you who we are” Without saying anything you both walk hand in hand, he just looks at you and says K: “I just met you today, let me just ask you something, do you have a boyfriend beautiful?” he smirks You chuckle, and blush shyly followed with a smile you pull him from his hand more and don’t Answering his question, he looks at you and smiles he turns facing toward and he says
K: “Where are we?” Y: “ where we first met, look inside the window, go on..” You slowly release his hand, and he walks slowly to the window and sees you waiting in line in a coffee shop and him behind you, tapping his foot on the wooden floor, both waiting to order a coffee, you go up the register and ask for an Americano the Batista asks for your name and answer “Clarissa” you grab your wallet from your purse and give her the money. Kai looks at your back and says to you “that’s pretty name”.
You looked at him shyly and don’t Say a word, you grab your book and make your way to a table inside the coffee shop. While Kai just looks at you where you’re sitting, he says “give me a double shot mocha extra whipped cream please and large, please”. The Batista asks “Name?” while he turns to see if you’re Still there he says “Kai” the Batista replies “Ill be ready in a two minutes or so” he hands the money and pays for his coffee and heads to where you are sitting.
He brings out the chair out and sits down, you don’t Say anything and open your book you had with you. K: “ so.. Clarissa right?” ..Silence.. K: “ I’m Kai nice too meet you” You put down your book and look at him serious and say, Y: “I came here to read in silence, nice too meet you too” You open your book again and keep reading while he smirks and says, K: “ are you always at this coffee shop? Because it’s not the first time I’ve Seen you here” he smiles. Y: “yes” You keep reading, and the Batista yells “Clarissa & Kai your order is ready!” Kai immediately gets up and says K:”I’ll Go get them!, stay seated” He walks towards the counter and grabs the two coffees and makes his way back to you.
You grab your book and just head outside, kai looks at you with both of the coffees and yells K:”yaaah, wait for me, your Americano!” You turn around and grab your Americano from his hand and say Y: “thank you, and it was a pleasure to meet you.” You turn around and start walking while he just runs up to you and says K: “whoa OK are you in a hurry? If so then let me know so I can get your number” Y: “I don’t Give my phone number to strangers ” K: “We aren’t Strangers I introduced myself earlier, remember” he chuckles. You chuckle along with him and say, Y: “True, but still that is still considered a stranger that I only know his name” K: he giggles “ well if you give me your phone number we can probably meet each other One of these days, what do you think?” You laugh and just walk away, and say to him Y: “Mom said not to talk to strangers” you keep walking and giggling while he runs up to you and stands in front of you and says, K: “well I’m sorry to say this but your mom isn’t Here, so can I? Please?” He hands you his phone and says, K: “look you seem like a nice girl, you don’t Find these kind of girls like you here in Korea, you’re One of a kind, come on I just need a yes or a no from you that’s All”
He smiles, while you look at his hand And stare back to his eyes, you decide and say yes to him you write your phone number on his phone, he smiles at you uncontrollably and says, K: “Thank you!, Clarissa right?” You nod and he says, K: “ let me call too see if your number is correct” he smirks, while he calls you and puts his phone on his ear, your phone starts to buzz you say to him, Y: “ OK got it talk to you later” You walk and smile shyly back to your apartment. You go inside your house and run to your bed and start kicking and screaming on your pillow. Y: “ aaaggghh!”
Suddenly you both appear on the white room once again and Kai says, K: “ wait nooo it was getting to the good part!!!!” You giggle while grabbing his hand you look at him and say, Y: “this isn’t over yet kai, there’s More to this.. “
Suddenly a butterfly fly’s to your hand, he lifts up your hand and stares at it, he smiles and observes the beauty of the butterfly and says, K: “it’s So beautiful, yet fragile, like your hand” He looks at you and smiles, While both of you walk, the butterfly flies away from your hand to that distant door where there’s a light with a beautiful view of green grassy area. Kai looks at the butterfly mesmerized and says,
“let’s go to that place, where it’s Scenery is beautiful , show me the way, butterfly, show me the wonders, I’ll Follow you where ever you go”.
“I’m telling you, If you stay here right by my side, Ill keep you safe with me, You’d Be fine, Ill hold you ‘Till dawn, Following the moon, You can fly to tomorrow, But no matter what I say to you, You don’t Seem to hear me, As if the day falls into darkness, You come up to me quietly, As if you’d Save me from my nightmares, But before I’m aware you seem to fade away, As if you we’re never there”.
Kai got shot in the neck he was bleeding too much when that happens everything gets in slow motion... that means hallucinations, I'm not saying more because that's for the next story, I give you clues too the videos are clues this is all I can say hate me if you want ( dream after another dream) so basicly these two episodes and the next one is just about them too. @reyestiny93 @QueenLele @yaya12 @LaurenDimalanta still confused?
@yaya12 im asking the same thing. so i know Clarissa got shot in the arm by Sehun. Then they were in her apartment and someone broke in? I get lost after the gun shot, who got shot? I know Kai got beat up by the peraon who broke in. After that i get confused.
nope makes total sense now!! i cant wait
@bbyitskatie unconfuse me please ☺
This is so fucking confusing
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