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Peyton Manning might not be the same Peyton Manning he was a few years back when he was a Indianapolis Colts, but he is still "The Sheriff". Players all around the league respect him and some even looked up to him as they grew up. Carolina Panthers cornerback, Josh Norman is no exception. He said he is willing to bow down to Manning. That is if...

if he intercepts a pass by Peyton Manning.

"He's 'The Sheriff,' man. I've admired him since I grew up."

It also looks likely that this is going to be Peyton Manning's last game of his career. And no matter how much Norman may respect Manning, he isn't going to let his hero take a Super Bowl ring from him. Norman went on to say,
"I'm rooting for him, but shoot, I want that ring. I'll do everything I can to minimize what he likes to do, but at the same time, I respect the heck out of the guy. We'll see what happens."
No matter what happens this Super Bowl, seems like it will be a bittersweet moment for players, fans, and just the entire football community to see another legend retire.