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NamjoonXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst
“What? No way am I doing that!” You replied, almost screaming. Jae Hwan quickly put his head down to the table from embarrassment as you felt a few people glance your way from your sudden shouting. You didn’t care, because of the stupid advice Jae Hwan suggested. Earlier this morning Jae Hwan had invited you for coffee and you happily agreed. You and Jae Hwan had been hanging out a lot lately, you didn’t know if it was as friends or something more. But he was the closest thing you had to a friend. After all, during high school, no one really liked you and more people seem to hate you when you started dating Namjoon. “I’m just saying that’s what you have to do to get over him.” He suggested again. You shook your head and crossed your arms as you repeated no. There was no way you were going to do that, especially after what happened between you and Namjoon. “Come on! You have to do it. It’s for your own good.” He continued, before finishing his coffee. You just stare at him blankly as he continues on with why you should do it. Even though his reason seems to make sense, you couldn’t see yourself doing it, more like you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. “Just, stop talking.” You interrupted him. He sighed as he held the door for you. “Fine whatever you want. But let me warn you. You’ll be in a lot a pain if you don’t go through with this.” He said with a serious expression. Not able to keep his serious face, he ended up laughing. “I’ll show you pain.” You declared before trying to reach up to hit him on the head. He blocked you and backed away but you continued to try to head him until he bumped into someone, hearing an “oof” from him. “Ah, sorry about that.” He apologized bowing, your eyes widened when you saw the pink hair. No.
“It’s oka-” The pink haired boy stopped when he realized who you were. “Y/N?” “Damn it.” You mumbled under your breath. “Every time, I swear.” “Oh god, did I jinx this?” Jae Hwan laughed, hearing your mumble. You ignored his question and stared at Namjoon. His expression was dark and very blank. “Are you two… dating?” He asked boldly. You were thrown off by his sudden question. Before you could answer Jae Hwan answered for you. “Of course we are.” Jae Hwan smiled, throwing his arm around your shoulder. Namjoon flinched at the sight of Jae Hwan touching you. Your head snapped at him with enlarged eyes. “What are you doing?” You whispered, he just gave a wink before turning to look at Namjoon. He knew he shouldn’t be surprised after what he saw that night at the beach. He forced a smile and congratulated you. You frowned at his reaction and he quickly said goodbye before heading the opposite direction. You watched as he disappeared from your sight before pushing Jae Hwan’s arm off of you. You were pissed, you didn’t know why. Maybe it was because Jae Hwan tricked Namjoon or maybe it was Namjoon’s reaction. All you knew was that you just wanted to leave. “Where are you going?” He called to you. “Away. I want to be alone.” You yelled back, not turning around. You knew he would understand and that he would leave you alone but you just didn’t know what to do. You heard a ring from your phone, and check to see a text from your co-worker. It read: “Don’t forget about the dinner with the company we just signed.” You sighed and headed home to dress up. Namjoon was pissed, more at himself than at Jae Hwan. He couldn’t believe he would pretend that he was actually happy for your relationship because he wasn’t. Not one bit, it hurt. Mayb- “Hey, Namjoon.” Yoongi called out to him, interrupting his thoughts. He simply replied with a hum. “Are you finished your lyrics for the song yet?”
“Not yet, I’m still working on them.” He replied, still pissed. Yoongi nodded, understanding, and went back to the computer. “It’s still pretty impressive that you finished more than half the lyrics in only a few days, Hyung. You usually take a few weeks.” Hoseok commented, looking at his lyrics. “Maybe it’s because he’s seeing Y/N everywhere now.“ He smiled without looking up at Namjoon’s reaction. He just rolled his eyes at his comment, taking another piece of paper from the desk. "It’s possible. Love brings out the best song writers.” Yoongi added, his face in the computer working on some songs. Hoseok nodded and turned to Namjoon, giving him a smirk. “Maybe he’s still in love with her.” Hoseok mumbled loud enough for the two to hear. Yoongi smirked at this and Namjoon just ignored Hoseok’s ridiculous comment. “If you’re not going to work, leave.” Namjoon warned him. “I’m working!” He whined, going back to his lyric book to work on some rap. After a few hours of work the three of them would be interrupted by the rest of the members panicking because they forgot about a company dinner with their sponsors. The company dinner was more like a party. It was held at a fancy hotel, which meant they had to wear suits. They quickly found and asked the stylist Noonas for help, before leaving for the dinner they made sure to thank them lots and promise to get them food next time they saw them. As they arrived, Namjoon remembered this was the company you were working for. He had some hopes that he would bump into you but he made sure his hopes were small, just in case.
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