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Name: Bii Shujin
Born: July 7th 1989
Seoul, South Korea
Active since 2010
His music is amazing.. Seriously I've listened to every song he's sang and omg whether its in mandarin or korean, you can't help but fall in love with it
And I mean come on he's gorgeous
These are just some of my Favorite songs

Back In Time

I cried during this video and its my #1 favorite

Epochal Times

This is the theme song to the first drama he's staring in.
its very addicting plus theres 3 other hot guys to look at

Love More

Just omg

Come back to Me

What I love about him he always puts korean in his music and I'm so obsessed with Kpop that korean just seems like a 3rd language to me lol


1st video is in Mandarin the 2nd in Korean couldn't pick which I liked more so I put both
HIs confused face looks so cute
Just unf
I love how long his eyelashes are
My obsession is growing
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I know, he's so much more attractive than the main lead. I wish he was the main lead but he's so cute with Na Na, I don't think I would want him with anyone else. @PrettieeEmm
yea that's true they're adorable together.. Tue thing is could be your bff or your bf and that makes his role so perfect maybe in his next drama he'll be the lead
OMG yes bii is love. I freaking love his song back in time it just gets to me
he is such a cutie pie and he is my angel ugh he my baby daddy when I'm married to Jackson