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Anime has done more than just helped me grow up and making my years pass with passion and love. Anime literally has made me into a better person!! The strong wills instilled in me and the NAKAMA I have grown up with through all these years and even decades has put me into a warm sunny place where I can learn to share with and invite everyone. One can learn true feelings they have never had through anime, love never felt, and emotions you've never known to be there all with the anime shared with to each and everyone of us! I have never given up on anime bc it has never given up on me!! When I look back at my life I can always smile because I can remember all the times I've changed my perspective and attitudes due to the animes I love telling me with their voices and love that has reached me!! Anime is life!! NAKAMA 4 ever!!
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yup yup I agree with you :) it's made me a better person too!!!! :D