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Kpop Korean: Do You Know What These Korean Idol Names Mean?

These are literally translations, you can use these as real words (not just as names) in Korean :D

Seungri - Victory/To win

승리 (seung-ri) is the Korean word for Victory!
Example: 전쟁에서 승리하다
To win the war

Hanbyul - One Star

한별 (han-byul) means one star!
이 빛나는 밤
A night with shining stars

Haru - Day

하루 (ha-ru) means day. Tablo said he named her that because she gives him a reason to live everyday!
하루 종일
All day long.

Taeyang - Sun

태양 (tae-yang) means sun!
The Sun is the largest star.
태양은 큰 별이다.

Sarang - Love

사랑 (sa-rang) means love!
I love you!
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Mine means advisor or person who gives wise council lol:) it's Monique
2 years ago·Reply
Jasmine is the name of a flower 😊 ...and a type of rice but I was named with the flower in mind 😂
2 years ago·Reply
I have so many names but my birth name Meredith is an Americanized version of Maerdydd which means keeper of the sea. My Korean name Miran means "Beautiful Tree" with the hangul characters I use.
2 years ago·Reply
Meaning of my name? trust me you don't wanna know....
2 years ago·Reply
my name literally translated from Russian is fairy princess 😑
a year ago·Reply