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It’s been belatedly revealed that actress Shin Se Kyung suffered an eye injury on the set of MBC‘s ‘When a Man Loves‘. While filming on the 9th, Shin Se Kyung was hit in the eye by a wooden plank during a scene with Song Seung Hun and Yeo Woo Jin. Though emergency measures were taken, her eye began bleeding and a bruise formed around it, making it obvious that she needed to get treated at a hospital. The actress told the staff she was okay and continued with the filming schedule, and it wasn’t until everything wrapped up on the 10th that she headed towards a hospital. Her agency stated, “When the accident occurred, filming was delayed, and considering the drama’s schedule, Shin Se Kyung continued filming. Though there’s no big problem, she’s still suffering from the effects of her injury.” Namoo Actors also said that she would return to her drama filming after completing treatment. Get well soon, Shin Se Kyung! Source: My Daily via Nate