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Look, I know the premise is totally stupid. Trust me, I had the same reaction.

But this show is comedy gold.

It might not be the most brilliant show ever, but you have to admit, you've never seen anything like this before! I mean they're statues....that are....idols. COME ON!!!

Allow me to give you a small sampling of this shoes total ridiculous-ness.

I honestly expected the worst of this show.

I thought it'd be a hastily animated and poorly thought-out 3 minutes short. But it's actually pretty damn funny. Who knew statues could be so expressive and talkative?!

I mean, they put Medici in a booster seat!!!

The VAs deserve serious PROPS for giving so much life to characters who can literally only make one expression.

I really do still have some questions, though...

I mean; how are they talking? Why are they idols? Where did they come from? Why DOES NOBODY QUESTION IT? Honestly though, I don't expect an answer to any of these questions. Like, ever.

Seriously, I love these boys. Do you?

@ButterflyBlu Cool!! Let me know what you think ^-^
I hadn't heard, but I'll go watch now! Art!! Lol ^_^
@CrystalNnadi It's honestly so funny the more you watch it XD
Well, time to watch it!