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Time to learn about 날씨!

날씨 - Weather


So today's question is:

날씨 어때요? - How's the weather?

(nal-sshi eo-ddae-yo?)

It's hot! - 더워요!


It's cold! - 추워요!


It's raining! - 비가 와요!


It's sunny! - 날이 맑아요!

(nal mal-ga-yo)

The weather where I live right now reminds me of this song...

빗소리 - The sound of rain :)


What's the weather like where you are? (You can answer in English^^)

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Sunny weather! ^^
now it is 더워요
I'm from Ohio, and the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Ohio, wait an hour and it will change"... this is so true. This morning it was sunny and chilly, but this evening it's so cold.
cold weather right now
It was so~~~ cold yesterday but it was so~~~ warm the day before!😯 It even ❄snowed❄ last night!!! I don't know what's wrong with the weather!!!😯