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Rating: A, F, S, FF
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Characters: Yoongi x Reader Y/N
Roughly nine months ago
Music blasts in the background but it’s tuned out by the boy breathing over you. You can’t quite remember his name but in the moment you’re okay with that. Honestly you don’t even think he remembers yours, or bothered to ask but it doesn’t hurt you like it should since you’re doing this with this guy. It might be your first one night stand and maybe you’ll deal with the guilt of sleeping with someone you don’t know later on but you understand that that’s all this is, sleeping with someone. It’s not making love, sharing a part of you with someone you desperately care about, exploring what you and he has more. This is filling a want, scratching and itch, screwing someone for the sake of your horny needs, sex. That’s all this is. You know it, he knows it, that’s it. The he in question pulls away from your neck a little to look down at you, his green hair lighting up some in the light from the street lamp coming through the window.
“You sure about this? I’ll stop if you say stop.”
“Stop talking.” You push your hips up to meet his and he doesn’t wait any longer for a definite yes. Your actions are clear enough. He grinds down against your hips and a moan escapes from both your mouths. At least he’s in the same spot as you. You watch as he pulls his shirt over his head and then grabs the bottom of yours. You lean up some so he can pull it off. They land somewhere on the floor but you’re distracted by the feel of his hands on your stomach. They travel further down as his mouth finds the corner of yours and kisses it. His fingers work at the button on your shorts and then those are on the ground as well. For the sake of fairness you grab the hem of his pants and work on the button. He picks his hips up and you shimmy the pants down with your legs then he does the rest of the job by kicking them off. The guy comes back down again, this time his mouth going back to your neck. Right now this is what you want. You never believed you’d be the one night stand kind of girl but maybe you won’t be. Maybe this will just be it. The guy hooks his thumbs on the band of your underwear and you lift your hips up. His tongue is rough against your flesh as he licks over where he had just bitten and maybe you’d find a guy licking you disgusting if you weren’t so turned on right now. Whether this is a one time thing or not one thing’s for sure though; this is happening.
7 months ago- Yoongi’s pov
“Dad you can’t make me. I’m not doing it. I refuse.” No sooner had the words left Yoongi’s mouth had the hand landed against his cheek, the impact of it sounding throughout the small room.
“Youngho.” The other person in the room, Yoongi’s mom stands up. “Was that really necessary?”
“If he wants to defy me then yes.” Yoongi’s dad turns back on him. Yoongi resists the urge to shrink back and instead stands there with his hand against his stinging cheek. “I don’t care what you think you can or won’t do. You’re going out there now and you’re going to marry her.”
“What’s her name?” Yoongi stares his dad down. The man doesn’t answer. He lets out scoff of air. “You don’t even know do you? Yet you expect me to marry her. I don’t want to. I don’t love her.” God, Yoongi shouldn’t even be talking about marriage. He’s only 23. He’s not ready to get married. This all started when that stupid Seokjin invited him to the party. If Jin hadn’t invited him he wouldn’t have drank and screwed some girl and there wouldn’t be a baby involved. Why is he the only one getting in trouble for this? Why not have Jin marry the girl since it’s his fault they’re in this situation? Yoongi had said no to going to the party, he’d said no to the multiple beers put in his hand, he’d said no to the eight other girls who tried to get in his pants, heck he’d even use protection so why the hell does he have to marry whatever your name is? He can’t do this!
“Do you know her name?” Yoongi looks at his mom. He doesn’t answer and casts his eyes to the floor. “You two are so much alike.” At that Yoongi looks up again.
“I’m nothing like him.” He points at his Dad who promptly smacks his hand down. “I wouldn’t force my son to marry someone he doesn’t even know.”
“Well we’ll see what you choose to do in twenty years when your son’s off impregnating strangers!” Yoongi looks back at his dad.
“He wouldn’t be if you even cared enough to show your face when it mattered! Not when he messed up!” Another smack and this time Yoongi’s eyes water.
“Youngho enough. We all just need to calm down.”
“No.” Yoongi’s dad steps towards Yoongi. “We are done discussing this. You’re going to go and marry her right this instant or your out of the business and the family.”
“No Yoongi. I will cut you off. You’ll inherit nothing, everything will be removed from your bank account, you’ll get out of my house. Hell even Seokjin won’t let you live with him unless he wants to wind up on the streets as well.” Yoongi tries not to shake as his dad makes his threat. When the man is done he steps back. “Now decide. Soohye lets go.” Yoongi watches as his dad holds out his hand. His mom walks over to him and takes it. They both head over to the door and his mom gives him one last nod before the go out. He holds on for about two seconds before screaming.
“Dammit!” He grabs the thing closest to him, an arm pillow, and chucks it across the room. Next is the lamp, and lastly a wooden chair that hits a mirror and breaks it. He runs his hand through his bleached blond hair, something his father forced him to do when they first found out. He had said something about the green hair making him act like a child. What the hell is he supposed to do? End up homeless on the streets or marry someone he doesn’t love, hell doesn’t know, and have a kid. Neither option looks good.
6 months ago
“Just leave me alone.” Yoongi’s voice sounds rough yet tired on the other side of the door. He’s been holed up in this room for days now. And yeah, maybe had today not been the day it is you would have left him alone like he wants but not today. You knock on the door again and wait. The cup of coffee is hot in your hand but you figured he’d probably like a pick-me-up after the all nighter he probably had. “I said go away.” You steady your breath and knock one last time. You’re not feeling the best, morning sickness and all, but you want to make today nice for Yoongi even if he doesn’t care for you. After a moment the door is yanked open and you’re left looking at a very worn down looking red head. When did that happen? “Can you not hear?” You look from the hair to Yoongi’s eyes.
“I asked if you couldn’t hear.”
“I can hear just fine.”
“Then why the hell are you still here?” You notice Yoongi’s grip on the door tighten. “If you can hear just fine why haven’t you left yet?” You bite back the temper you have. You’ve never been the type to speak out when others snap at you. When your mother found out you were pregnant you kept quiet while she stormed around the house and yelled. You kept quiet, for the most part, as she ripped your clothing out of your closet and kicked you out of the house. You kept quiet when she dragged you back in that night. You didn’t speak up when weeks later you both found out who the father was and you didn’t speak up when your mom went to his parents. Heck, you didn’t even speak up when the marriage was brought into play.
Did you want to marry Min Yoongi? No. That was never something you had ever thought about. Going into the night of great disaster, aka the night of the one night stand, you were under every single impression that you’d sleep with Yoongi, you might wake up next to him or alone, you’d never see him again, end of story. That’s it, done. However one day you were driven to a hotel in a car with a guy you’d never seen before and put into a room and minutes later Yoongi showed up. Needless to say he was confused. You guys were left to talk, or rather sit in complete silence, while your parents discussed what would turn out to be your marriage. Yoongi put up a fight at the news. You just sat silently. Just like you’re doing now as Yoongi fumes in front of you.
“Well? Why are you here? What the hell is so important that you have to come bother me?” You look down at the coffee cup before holding it up to him. Yoongi looks at the cup then back to you. “I’ll ask again because I know this isn’t it. Why are you bothering me?”
“I thought you could use some coffee. You’ve been awake for days right?”
“I don’t want coffee.”
“You look like you could use it.”
“Let me rephrase that. I don’t want your coffee.” You hold back the sigh you want to release.
“It’s just coffee Yoongi. Take it.” You hold the cup out to him. He doesn’t take it. Instead his eyes narrow and he shifts forward some.
“When are you going to get it through your head that I don’t want anything from you y/n. I don’t want your coffee, I don’t want you knocking on my door, I don’t want you talking to me, I don’t want you. Just leave me alone.”
“I would, it’s just today is special.” Yoongi stares at you blankly as you make your attempt for him to accept you.
“How is today special y/n?” Does he really not know.
“It’s your birthday.” A moment of silence passes before Yoongi speaks up.
“It’s your birthday Yoongi. No one deserves to be left alone on their birthday.”
“That’s exactly what I want.” With that Yoongi slams the door shut. You look at the wood separating you and your husband for a minute. You may not be Yoongi’s biggest fan. You may not love or really even like him but you know what it’s like to be alone and you know that even if Yoongi may not like you he doesn’t deserve to be alone on a day like today. However if he’s going to shut you out then there’s not much you can do about it. It may not mean much, heck it’ll probably be cold by the time he finds it, but you put the coffee cup down in front of the door for Yoongi to find later. Aftre all, you are his wife, it’s the least you can do.
4 months ago- Yoongi’s pov
“Before I forget, your father wanted me to remind you of the meeting.”
“He just told me about it this morning mom. How about you remind me of it in four months when it actually happens. Who even schedules a meeting four months in advance.”
“Your father does sweetie. It’s for the foreign clients and since that’s when they’re coming that’s when it is. Just make sure to write it down on your calender.”
“I will mom.” Yoongi pulls on the cuff of his sleeve and waits. It’s weird not being at home. Everything’s been different since you came into his life. He’s seen less of his mom and friends, more of his dad and work. He hates it.
“How’s y/n?” Yoongi shrugs but then remember he’s on the phone.
“Fine I guess.”
“You guess?”
“How can you guess Yoongi. You live with her. How’s the pregnancy going? Everything fine with the baby?”
“I think so.”
“Have you been ignoring her?” Yoongi doesn’t answer. He’s stopped bitching you out after his birthday but he still hasn’t made a real effort. “Min Yoongi. You should be ashamed of yourself.”
“Mom.” Yoongi rubs his eyes. “It’s not like I asked for any of this. Neither of us are happy.”
“That’s because you’re not trying Yoongi.”
“Why do I have to try?”
“Because that’s your child y/n is having. You made a human and she is bringing it into the world. You’re going to tell me that as husband and a soon to be father you’ve been ignoring her. What if she has morning sickness? What if her ankles are swollen? What if she can’t sleep throughout the night. Hell Yoongi, she might as well be living on the street if you’re going to leave her there alone like that. I swear I’ll come over there and beat your ass if you don’t start treating her right. You weren’t the only one who gave up their life for this.” The line falls dead and Yoongi stares at the fireplace across from him. She’s right. His mom is always right. He wasn’t the only one who sacrificed stuff for this. He doesn’t know what it is but he knows you gave up something. His mom lets out a breath. “I have to go Yoongi. Wish y/n a happy birthday.”
“That’s tomorrow?”
“Are you kidding me?”
“What? No one tells me these things.”
“Her birthdya was today Yoongi. I swear.” He can practically see his mom rubbing her forehead in that irritated way. “Go make her dinner and you can go out into town tomorrow to get her something.” He listens as his mom grumbles something about having to do everything herself. “Make sure not to burn whatever you make.”
“Yes mom. Have a good night.”
“You too baby.” With that Yoongi hangs up the phone. He runs a hand through his hair and looks towards the door. What is he supposed to make? He doesn’t cook all that often and he has no idea what you actually like. Spaghetti. Everyone likes spaghetti right? Yep, he’ll make a kick ass dinner to prove that he didn’t forget about a birthday he didn’t know about and you won’t have leverage on him.
Yoongi gets up and heads out into the hall. He’s not actually quite sure how to make spaghetti. The concepts there but the actual process of doing it is something he’s never done before. He’s passing through the front room when he hears the groan. It stops him in his tracks. Yoongi looks over to the couch and about jumps when he sees you laying there. He puts a hand over his racing heart and lets out a small sigh of relief when you shift around. He looks you over and can’t help to think how weird it is that only five months ago you had been thin but now there’s kind of this big round thing protruding and yeah, Yoongi knows there’s a baby in there but it’s still weird seeing you big, not that your fat. At least he isn’t thinking this out loud. You shift again, another groan escaping your mouth and Yoongi wonders if you’re okay. Is it a bad dream or are you just uncomfortable? Why sleep out here in the first place? Who falls asleep at seven pm? Is that a pregnant thing? Your hands grip your shoulders and Yoongi gets the feeling you’re cold. He lets out a puff of breath before walking over to you.
Maybe it’s because your it’s your birthday, maybe it’s because his mom scolded him, or maybe it’s because a miracle is taking place but Yoongi doesn’t just toss a blanket over your head and call it good. Instead he stoops down and wiggles his arms under your shoulders and legs. He picks you up and holds back the urge to groan as his arms strain under him. In the dramas they make it look so easy but Yoongi is learning the dramas lie. Sure a part of it’s the small human residing in your stomach but you’re not exactly light, his screaming arms and back can testify to that. Still, Yoongi starts the process of carrying you to your room. It’s actually your shared room but Yoongi refuses to sleep in there. Besides pecking your mouth quickly on the wedding day you guys have only shared one intimate moment, not that it was all that intimate, and that’s the moment that got you guys in this mess. Yoongi makes his way down the hall, only stopping once as you groan but the cuddle your head against his arm.
When he gets to the room he can’t exactly see the door handle past you so his hand kind of flails around for a moment before he finds the handle and is able to push the door open. He trudges over to the bed and less than gracefully lowers you onto it. You groan again and shift around. That’s when Yoongi realizes the blanket is under you instead of over you. It completely defeats the whole purpose of him carrying you down here. Instead of moving you around any more he goes to the other side of the bed and pulls the blanket over you so you’re in a blanket cocoon. It’s not like he’ll need the blanket anyways so… He stands back up and looks down at you. Better he guesses. It’s not a five star dinner or a present but it’s not like he really wants to go out and get you stuff. You’re still you after all. He turns and heads to the door. As he pulls it open your words from two months ago echo in his head.
“No one deserves to be left alone on their birthday.” The words had been exactly what he wanted back then and still kind of are the same today but is that the same for you? With a sigh Yoongi closes the door and heads over to the bed. This is awkward. The last time a bed and you were in play was when the thing currently living inside of you was made. A shiver runs through Yoongi’s body. He pushes all of that aside and sits on the end of the bed. This should be fine. You’re asleep and he’ll probably leave in two minutes anyways when he decides this was a truly stupid idea. For now though he’ll sit and be with you on your birthday.
Present Day- Yoongi’s pov
“If we buy these properties profits will rise a significant amount. That’s a guarantee.” Yoongi drones out his dad’s voice. It’s not like he can understand the English all that well anyways. Instead he focuses on the pattern of the table, the cars going by like ants since he’s so high up, the tap of someone’s foot. Yoongi tries to focus on anything but his dad and his thoughts. His dad was the easy one to avoid. Sure they’re in the same room together but realistically Yoongi only sees him every now and then at work. His thoughts on the other hand are always in his head. It’s not so much the fact that he’s thinking thoughts that he doesn’t want to think. It’s the subject of the thoughts that’s got him rather flustered.
Ever since your birthday Yoongi’s been trying to avoid you. Not like he did before with the yelling and being pissed off. Rather he’s to embarrassed to be seen by you. It may or may not have something to do with how he woke up next to you the next day. It was an accident, really. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep. It just sort of happened and then you were there looking at him when he woke up. So he’d locked himself away and sworn to never see the light of day again if you were standing in it. Problem is him avoiding your every step had him constantly thinking about you. Not in some kind of creeper way. You’re still a stranger after all. Just in a where are you at every moment kind of way. Okay, maybe that’s a bit creeperish. Point is, you had been running through Yoongi’s mind a lot lately and he doesn’t want you to be.
Yoongi’s staring mindlessly at the checkered lines of the table when the door opens with a small bang. His dad stops mid sentence and the five people in the room look over at the lady who’s walking forward quickly. She stops in between Yoongi and his dad and bends over some.
“It’s for you sir.” Did she really have to add the sir? Yoongi knows for a fact he’s younger than her. The lady holds out a phone to him. He’s about to take it when his dad puts his hand up.
“We’re in the middle of a meeting. Get out.” Yoongi watches as the ladies eyes glance to his father.
“It’s important sir. He really should take it.”
“I said we’re in a meeting. If you don’t want to be fired I suggest you go.” The lady looks conflicted and that’s when Yoongi knows it’s actually important and not just Seokjin calling to say that he’s dropping off lunch even though his dad doens’t like Seokjin coming around.
“I’ll take it.” Yoongi starts to stand up. His dad puts a hand on his arm and turns back to the Americans.
“We’ll be taking a five minute break if that’s okay with you guys.” They all seem to agree. Yoongi’s already up and halfway to the door, phone pressed to his ear.
“Hello. Is this Min Yoongi?”
“Yeah, who am I speaking to?”
“I’m a receptionist at the Samsung Hospital. I have you listed as y/n emergency contact.” Yoongi’s heart about drops out of his chest.
“What happened?”
“Y/n was involved in a car accident. She’s currently stable but has some injuries.”
“She’s not going to die is she?”
“No. Though she is in labor and has been asking for you.”
“Holy shit.” Yoongi stares at the wall across from him.
“Ideally it would be helpful for y/n if you were here to comfort her. Are you the father?”
“I’m her husband. Yeah. The- the baby’s coming? Now?”
“Will I miss it? Will I miss the baby coming?”
“I’m not sure Mr. Min. I have other patients I must attend to. I advice you to get down here as fast as you can but don’t be to worried because y/n is going through natural birth and not c-section so labor can last for hours.”
“Okay. I’ll- I’ll be there. Yeah.” The line goes dead and Yoongi stares at the wall still. The baby’s coming.
“What do you think you’re doing?” His dad’s voice snaps him out of his shocked state and Yoongi looks at him.
“I, um, I have to go.” Yoongi frowns and takes a step backwards.
“We’re just starting the meeting.”
“This is important dad.”
“This meeting is what’s important.”
“How long will it take?”
“A few hours. We’re talking to the clients face to face while they’re here. Lets go back into the room.”
“A few hours?” Yoongi shakes his head. “I don’t have a few hours dad. I really have to go.” Yoongi starts to turn but his dad grabs his arm.
“You are not walking out of here.”
“Y/n’s in the hospital.”
“Is she dying?”
“No but she was in an accident and now she’s in labor.” His dad just shrugs.
“Then you can stay for the meeting.” Yoongi opens his mouth then closes it. After a second he finds he’s able to respond.
“Did you hear me? My wife is in labor.”
“Oh don’t act like she’s your wife now Yoongi. You hate her and I forced you to marry her so you didn’t make our family look like a joke because you couldn’t keep it in your pants. You have a meeting to attend. I suggest you go back in now.” Yoongi yanks his arm away from his dad’s grip.
“Are you shitting me? She’s alone and in labor, with my kid. I may be an asshole but I’m not going to make her go through that alone.”
“You’ll just have to.” His dad puts a strong hand against his back and guides him towards the door to the conference room.
“Dad no.” Yoongi tries to pull away but he’s shoved into the room. “Dad.”
“Sit down now.” His dad raises his hand, his usual threat to Yoongi that if he doesn’t listen he’ll be smacked. Yoongi looks at the hand. He’s felt it hit him so many times in the past. He knows his father won’t hesitate. In the past there’s been times he’s hit him without the warning. “Don’t make me say it twice.” Maybe he doesn’t want Yoongi’s pale skin sporting a red mark in front of the clients. Still, Yoongi knows he would. He turns and walks towards his chair.
Present day- Your pov
“Aaahhhhhh!” You squeeze your eyes shut as the pain washes over your body. Of course the doctor would take care of your leg mid contraction. Today’s turning out to be hell. Sorry baby, your birthday is a war story, not a fairytale. This is what you’ll tell your kid when they ask about it later on in life. Who knew that going to the grocery store for pickles and spicy mustard, your unfortunate craving food, would wind up in a t-bone collision that would break your leg and set you into labor two weeks early? You bite your bottom lip and try to ride out the ending wave of pain. You tell yourself it’s not as bad as it was a few seconds ago, you’ll live.
“You’re doing good mama.” A nurse pats your hand in what’s supposed to be a comforting motion but it only sends a pang of sadness through you. You’re mom isn’t coming. You know that because you hadn’t seen her since the 'sorry our son screwed your daughter here’s some money if you let her marry him’ talk where she promptly agreed to the marriage and took the money and left. Yoongi’s mom is nice but you don’t really know her and you won’t even count on seeing his dad. The only other person is Yoongi and ever since you woke up to him actually sharing the bed with you, awkwardness ensued, he’s been avoiding you and maybe you him. Plus he and his father has some kind of important meeting today. Point is, besides for the doctors and nurses, you’re alone. Sure the baby’s coming so at least you’ll be there for it, kinda have to with it occupying your tummy, but who’s here for you? It’s not like you want to be selfish and have people come see your baby and be here for you when they don’t want to be but God you could really use someone right about now.
“Aaahhhhhh!” You feel your body pushing on instinct, your broken foot pressing down and causing even more pain. You’re eyes are closed so you don’t look as your hand reaches out and grabs onto the nearest nurses shirt. “Help me please.” You hear the beg in your voice but you’re done. This may be child birth but there’s nothing beautiful about it. You’ve heard horror stories of people being in labor for 15+ hours and you’re only five in. You can’t do ten more hours of this. You just can’t. Someone pats your hair back.
“It’s okay. Ride it out. You’re already 7cm dilated so you’re close.”
“Make it stop, please.” At this point you don’t know if you’re talking about your leg of the pain throughout your lower region.
“I’m sorry but you got to do this okay?” Another brush of your hair. “You’re doing great. Are you waiting for anyone?” Way to dig part of your heart out. You’ll make sure to squeeze this nurses hand extra tight.
“We called a Min Yoongi about an hour ago, is he family.”
“Oh. You’re so young.”
“Don’t,” you brace yourself as the pressure builds up in your foot as the doctor does something to it. “have a one night stand.” You finally open your eyes and look at the nurse. “Ever.”
“Okay y/n.” The doctor stands up and comes over to your side. “Your foot is in the cast but we’ll need to redo it after the baby comes. We don’t want to put you under to much distress for now.” You just nod. This really is the worst day in history. You’re finally able to take a somewhat normal breath when the pain starts up again. You hold back your yell and try to ride it out. The nurse pats your hand as you promptly try to break hers. You wonder if she’s used to this kind of stuff? Do patients normally squeeze her hand as they push another human being out of them?
“You’re doing good. Yoongi should be here soon.”
“He’s not coming.” The words barely make it past your lips before you clamp down on everything and push because you need this baby out of you now. The nurse could care less about you pushing right now. She just keeps on talking.
“He’s your husband, why wouldn’t he come?” If only she knew that Yoongi doesn’t like you. Maybe then she’d keep quiet. But no, instead of closing her mouth she goes on for another ten minutes of just talking. It finally gets to the point where you look over at her even though you’re in pain.
“Can I have some ice chips?” You’re not hungry at all, not that they’d let you eat actual food and not just frozen water, but anything to get her out of here.
“You sure you want something?”
“Yes please.” She nods and you drop your head back. The door to the room closes and you’re finally alone. You move your good leg up some and try to make yourself more comfortable, not that it’ll happen any time soon. “Baby, I love you but please stop hurting me.” You rub your stomach softly as you talk. This is hell, all of it just hell. Not only are you in pain but you’re also thinking about everything that’s coming after the pregnancy. You’ve heard about how sometimes women can have a weaker bladder. You really don’t feel like peeing yourself every time you sneeze. There’s also the kid that’s going to be involved. You and Yoongi don’t even know the gender thanks to Yoongi’s dad. There’s some kind of bet going on for the gender, something about entertaining the public but you know it’s about making more money off of something that’s not even his. If the kids a girl you’ll have to make sure she doesn’t get hurt but is able to do everything she wants and that she knows if she ever has a one night stand you’ll kill her. If it’s a boy you’ll have to worry about teaching him to be a decent human and not a jackass and how to treat a lady right and also that he knows if he too is part of a one night stand you will kill him. There’s just to much going on right now.
And on top of it all, there’s another contraction coming. You squeeze your legs together for God knows what reason but then you’re planting your good foot against the bed and pushing hard, your eyes closing and your mouth opening in a silent scream. Why does this hurt so bad? The door opens but you don’t look at the nurse. You have no energy to. You just reach out blindly for her hand to resume squeezing it. She takes it and you grip her hand hard, the contraction intensifying.
“I can’t do this.” You’re not crying, to much, but the sobs there. Everything hurts so much.
“You-you’re okay y/n. You’re doing fine. Where’s the doctor?” The male voice registers in your ears and you look over to see dark brown hair. You connect the hair with the face it’s attached to.
“Wha-” You stop and close your eyes again, pushing as much as you can.
“No no no. Wait for a doctor. I can’t take care of it if it comes out.” Yoongi tries to pull himself from your hand but the death grip you have on it makes him not move.
“Mhhhm!” You bite down on your bottom lip as hard as you can and pull Yoongi closer.
“What do I do? What do I do y/n!”
“Stop freaking out!” You look over at him as you yell this, the contraction pains going away some.
“Okay, I’m sorry.” Yoongi pulls his hand from yours and wipes both of them on his jeans. You watch as he goes to reach back forward, pulls away, clenches and unclenches his hands, then takes yours again. You let your head rest back against the pillow.
“Why are you here?”
“I heard you were in an accident and that you’d gone into labor.”
“Yeah but why are you here? You have a meeting.”
“Screw the meeting y/n. I wasn’t leaving you in the hospital alone.”
“But your dad will be pissed that you’re here and not there.”
“He’ll also have a black eye for the next few weeks. I may be an asshole but I’m not letting you do this alone. I would have been here sooner but traffic.” Yoongi doesn’t go on. After a minute the door to the room opens and the nurse comes back in. She stops when she sees Yoongi but then quickly hurries forward.
“Are you family?” She sets the cup down and looks Yoongi over.
“Yeah. I’m her husband,” Yoongi glances at you then back to the nurse. “Min Yoongi.”
“The dad!” The nurse puts a hand on your shoulder. “See. I said he’d show up.”
“Great. When can I really start pushing?” You’re so over this whole birth thing. The nurse goes in between your legs and you’ve lost the ability to be embarrassed about four hours ago. You do notice Yoongi blushing. You squeeze his hand and he looks at you. “I want you to stay with the baby okay?
“What about you?”
“I’ll be fine. I’ve heard to many stories about babies getting lost or mixed up or kidnapped,” you look towards the nurse. “not that you guys’ll do that but I want you with it just in case.” Okay maybe you’ve read one to many article on child birth over the last eight months but better to be safe than sorry.
“We can always keep the baby in here if that’s what you want.” Suddenly this nurse has a halo over her head.
“Yes please.” Yoongi answers for you. He looks back down at you. “You don’t have any clothing do you? For when we leave.”
“I have my shirt but my pants are kind of torn up.”
“I’ll call Seokjin and have him bring stuff. We’re going to be here for a while anyways. How’s your leg feeling?” Yoongi looks down at your leg with a frown.
“It hurts. I honestly just hurt right now. I don’t like this.”
“Well good thing for you you’re 8 almost 9cm along.” The nurse butts in, her halo growing even bigger with the good news. “Why don’t I go get the doctor and he can determine if it’s time to start pushing.”
“Please.” You close your eyes in relief. This will all be over soon.
Two Hours Later
You pant heavily, your forehead damp with sweat. Soon had not come soon enough. The doctor had come in, said give it thirty more minutes, and left much to your and Yoongi’s despise. However after thirty torturous minutes where you’re sure you fractured Yoongi’s hand, it was time. Sadly it’s time meant pushing for almost two hours with each new contraction. Yoongi had stayed by your side the whole time, one hand being broken in yours and the other either pushing your hair back or holding your foot, which ever needed the immediate attention. Somewhere around the hour mark a worried Seokjin showed up and promptly left the room because apparently Yoongi had just said you were in the hospital, not that a human was coming out of you. However after those two hours passed, along with the additional five or so when everything began, you and Yoongi, really just Yoongi because you were so exhausted, got to meet a crying baby girl.
From your spot on the bed you watch as Yoongi follows the instructions of the nurses to clean the baby off. Yes you can hold her, no you won’t hurt her, it’s okay to let her head go back a little bit, no she won’t drown from a drop of water. You get that the infant is literally minutes old and you’d be nervous touching her as well but Yoongi is something else. You use watching Yoongi as a distraction to the doctor putting the real cast on your foot and the people cleaning up the other end of the bed. It’s all one big mess in here but you’re able to find a slice of Heaven in the way Yoongi’s looking down at the small girl in his hands. This is a side of Yoongi you haven’t gotten to see. It’s fascinating. All to soon he’s done bathing her and handing her over to the nurses so they can check her over. Yoongi watches over her but then he’s rubbing his head and looking around the room, eyes stopping on you. You watch as he looks at the ground and then walks towards you. He stops at your side and squats down some so he’s eye level.
“How are you feeling?” You shrug.
“Better but I still ache.”
“Figures. You’ll probably be sore for a while.” Yoongi takes in a deep breath and then meets your eyes. “I want to apologize.”
“For what?”
“For the way I acted these last nine months.” Oh God. You hate apologies. They make you feel awkward.
“No, it’s okay.” You’re attempt to stop him doesn’t work.
“Let me apologize y/n. I-I know what we did that night was supposed to be a one time thing and I promise I was not aiming to get you pregnant,”
“Well I would hope not.” Yoongi lets out a small chuckle.
“I wasn’t. It was just supposed to be some fun and just that. But then you were pregnant and my family forced me into this. I would have been fine paying child support or for whatever you needed but I really didn’t want this. I didn’t want to marry you and see the mistake I made.” Ouch. You try to not let the words affect you. This is supposed to be an apology after all. “On your birthday my mom kind of snapped at me and I got it through my head that everything that happened to me also happened to you too and so I decided not to be a complete jackass anymore. I know I was still kind of an asshole but I’m sorry for it y/n. I’m sorry for being an asshole and for getting you pregnant and for everything I did wrong here.” You’re silent for a moment. You need to collect your thoughts.
“Yoongi, as far as the whole impregnating me part, that was both our fault so don’t worry about it. I chose to sleep with you just as much as you did with me. For the rest of it, yeah, I was hurt but I understand. I’m not angry at you Yoongi. I just don’t,” You look down at your hands and close your eyes. Keep it together.
“Y/n.” Yoongi’s hand is on yours. He pries them apart and holds onto them. “You can tell me y/n.” You nod and look at him. You try to bite back the tears but you feel them on your cheeks.
“I just don’t want to be alone. Don’t make me do this alone Yoongi.”
“You’re not.” He holds your hands tighter. “I promise you y/n, you’re not doing this alone. I’ll be around more and I’ll help take care of her, I’ll change the diapers, I’ll bathe her, I’ll feed her if you don’t, you know, with your,” He waves a hand towards your chest. He rolls his eyes and runs a hand through his hair. “We’re way to young for this.” He goes from squatting to sitting on his knees and looks at you. “I don’t know how good I’m going to be but I promise y/n I’ll be there. I’ll be her father and I’ll be your husband.” This does nothing to help the tears. Instead of answering you nod and then cover your face because you know you’re not a pretty crier. Yoongi pulls your hands away and wipes your face off with his sleeve. “You wanna see her?”
“Can I?”
“She’s your daughter y/n.”
“Our daughter.” Yoongi nods.
“Our daughter.” He stands up and goes back over to the nurses. After a moment he comes back holding a small yellow swaddled up bundle. “You want to sit up some?” Yoongi looks to you then the doctor by your leg to see if it’s okay.
“Go ahead, I’m almost done here.”
“Okay.” You push yourself up some slowly, a groan coming from your mouth. You don’t sit all the way up but instead go for a half sit half laying down position. When you’re ready you nod and Yoongi leans forward. He hands you the baby slowly and you’d like to say it was the perfect first moment between father mother and daughter but the baby starts crying and Yoongi jumps some and you look like you did something wrong. “Did you hurt her?”
“I didn’t do anything!” Yoongi holds the baby close to his chest. “I swear I didn’t do anything.”
“Hey.” You both look down at the doctor. “She’s fine. She was just born, babies cry when they’re just born.” He looks back down at your cast and shakes his head. “New parents are the worst.” You look at Yoongi as the guy mumbles this. Yoongi looks like he’s biting his tongue but then looks back at you. He leans over again and this time you successfully complete the baby hand off. You take the small thing in your arms and hold her close to your chest. After a moment you look up at Yoongi.
“This is weird.”
“I know. It’s like I know she’s mine but did we really make a human?”
“Exactly.” You look back down at the baby. “We’re going to raise her the right way right?”
“I’m never letting her talk to a guy. We’re all assholes anyways.” Yoongi takes a breath and runs a thumb across the babies face. “I think she’ll turn out fine.”
“Yeah.” You smile down at the baby then look at Yoongi. “We still have to name her. Any ideas?”
“None at all.” Yeah, you guys don’t even have a name ready for her. You’re going to be great parents.
Roughly 18 years later
Yoonhee takes in a deep breath as the hand slowly makes it’s way up her thigh. The teeth scrapping her neck draws a moan out of her mouth. She bites her lip as a hand slides under her school skirt. It’s pushed up to mid thigh by now but she doesn’t care. Instead of focusing on her modesty she focuses on unclothing the boy over her. She fumbles with the buttons of his shirt in an attempt to get it off. The boy sits up some and smirks down at her.
“In a hurry?”
“Calm down. It’s not like I’m sleeping with you. My parents are down stairs.” She takes in a deep breath and gets the last of the buttons undone. The button up shirt falls open and Yoonhee takes a moment to approve of the fit torso in front of her eyes.
“I feel like you’re just with me for my body.” The boy’s smirk grows. Yoonhee grabs the back of his neck and pulls him back down on top of herself.
“How’d you figure that out Jeon?”
“Oh just a guess.” He starts to kiss her mouth again and, his hands going back to her hip and thigh. He’s sliding his tongue across her bottom lip when the door to the room opens.
“Yoonhee your mo-oh my God.”
“Dad!” The two on the bed sit up quickly while a stunned Min Yoongi tightens his grip on the door.
“Who the hell are you?” Yoongi stares the boy who had been laying on top of his daughter two seconds ago.
“Uh, Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook.” The boy, Jungkook glances at Yoonhee before looking back at Yoongi quickly. “Sir.” He adds the formality quickly.
“Dad what do you want?” Yoonhee crosses her arms and looks at the flustered adult.
“What do you mean what do I want? I want to know why he was on top of you.”
“Because the last I checked it wasn’t illegal to kiss someone.”
“For you it is!” Yoonhee rolls her eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”
“Don’t make stupid rules.”
“We make them so another one of you doesn’t pop up in nine months.” Between the fights between Yoongi and his dad, before they broke off communication, when Yoonhee was younger she’s well aware of how she came into the world.
“Last I checked he actually has to sleep with me for that to happen and I’m smarter than that dad.”
“God,” Yoongi puts a hand to his head. “Don’t you ever use the words sleeping with and you in the same sentence again.” Yoonhee rolls her eyes again.
“What did mom want?” As she asks this she glances over at Jungkook who’s buttoning his shirt quickly.
“Dinner, it’s almost ready. She wants you to set the table.”
“Okay. I’ll be there in a moment.”
“Fine. You,” Yoongi points at Jungkook. “Out.”
“Yes sir.” Jungkook stands up quickly and grabs his backpack off the floor. He heads to the door and looks down when he passes Yoongi.
“And you,” Yoongi looks to his not so innocent daughter. “put some pants on.”
“Sure appa.” Yoongi shuts the door and starts after Jungkook.
You look up from the pot of noodles as someone passes by the door to the kitchen.
Yoongi comes into the room with a worried looking Jungkook in tow. You frown at the duo and take the noodles off the heat.
“What are you doing to that poor boy Yoongi?”
“He’s not poor.” You look at him and shake your head.
“Fine. What are you doing to Jungkook.”
“You know his name?” Yoongi looks from you to Jungkook in confusion.
“Of course I know his name. Someone doesn’t come into this house without me knowing their name.”
“Well this someone was on top of our daughter.” You set the spoon in your hand down.
“You two were-” You leave the question open.
“God no eomma.” You look over as Yoonhee pops out from behind Jungkook. “We were making out. I know not to take it anywhere.”
“Oh okay.”
“Okay?” Yoongi looks astounded.
“Yeah okay. At least she wasn’t doing that.” You look at the noodles then to Yoonhee again. “What happened to Jimin.”
“Wait you were dating Jimin?” Once again Yoongi looks confused. There’s no real surprise there. He may act like the tough guy who knows everything but he’s pretty oblivious most of the time. Yoonhee frowns at him.
“What did you think I was doing for two months with him?”
“I thought you were friends with him and dating Taehyung.”
“No Taehyung was a few weeks after Jimin.”
“Aren’t they both older than us?” You all look at Jungkook.
“Yeah. They graduated last year.”
“Just stop talking and go set the table.” Yoongi rubs his head.
“Jungkook would you like to stay for dinner?”
“No he wouldn’t.” You don’t look at Yoongi but instead look at the
confused boy.
“You can say yes if you want to.”
“Good. You mind helping Yoonhee with the table.”
“Yes ma'am.” Jungkook grabs the utensils from the drawer and follows Yoonhee into the dining room. You stir in the sauce to the noodles and look up as Yoongi makes his way over to you.
“Who even is that child?”
“That’s your daughter Min Yoongi.” You lean back against him as he wraps his arms around your waist and sets his chin on your shoulder.
“No that’s not. I remember my daughter being small with pig tails and no boys in her bed. That creature is not my precious daughter.” You can’t help the laugh that comes out.
“That is so your daughter. She has your gummy smile.” You finally finish dinner and turn to face Yongi head on. “She may be with a boy but you know she’s responsible.”
“Yeah, just like we were at her age.” He pecks your mouth.
“To be fair I was twenty when I had her. We still got two years until we lock her up.”
“I’m counting down the days.” Yoongi lets out a sigh as he says this. “Doesn’t mean I’m going to not worry about her still. That’s my baby.”
“And you raised her well.” You takes Yoongi’s face in between your hands and lean forward to give him a kiss. After a moment you feel his body relax against yours and he cups the back of your head. He pulls back slightly and smiles at you.
“Maybe later you wanna re-enact the night Yoonhee happened?”
“Tempting offer.” You lean in to kiss him again.
“Table’s set!” And just like that the mood is ruined. Yoongi sighs and pulls away from you.
“Lets not re-enact anything.”
“I’m with you.” Memories of the last 18 years pass through your head. The diapers, the screaming, the crying, the colds. So many things you’d rather not relive. However there’s 18 years of good memories to go along with it. You hate to think what life would be like if that night didn’t happen almost 19 years ago. Then it seemed like hell. Now, now as you walk into the dining room and watch your husband kiss his daughter on the head and playfully yet not so playfully smack the back of her boyfriends head, you know that your life changed forever on that night and you wouldn’t give anything in the world for a do over.
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