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This guy is just awesome! Undead Ban, Immortal Ban, Ban the invincible, whatever you want to call him, he is The Fox of Greed!
His ability, Snatch, let's take whatever he wants. Spell beads, coinpurses, hearts (literally. Right out of your chest). He can also use a more specific version of Snatch called "Physical Hunt," which let's him take all the physical power of someone and add it to his own.
It definitely helps your fights to the death with people, if you can't die. By drinking from the fountain of youth, Ban became immortal. (You'll need to actually read the manga or watch the anime to find out more about that). You chop him in half, blow him up, take of his head, you name it, and he'll still get up!
Look at this man! I've never seen someone so happy to get beaten up!
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how has nobody noticed he looks like soul eater??
2 years ago·Reply
he's bea
2 years ago·Reply
Love Ban....but Meliodas is my man
2 years ago·Reply
Ban is still bea
2 years ago·Reply
@ThomasJennings no that you mention it he does kinda look like Soul
2 years ago·Reply