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I play a few games, like mass effect, dragon age, defiance and a few mobile games like Walking Dead and Marvel games. So my go to character names are [ don't laugh] Tahzmine, Ivy, Calisto and Empress oolaa lol. For male character, Marc, Madd Maxx, Aiden and Alistair. Your turn gamers! @paulisadroid @InVinsybll @poojas And the rest of the Vingle community!
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my favorite char. name so far has been my skyrim female redguard, kamehameha
@MaighdlinS when I hear lumiere I think about the candle from Beauty and the Beast. so I like to imagine you're playing all these games as a giant candelabra.
Chrono or Bebop
@InVinsybll haha I know, sometimes that visual pops into my head as well :p
either Myrin (I used thi in the second game), or Adeline (for origins)