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So after playing a long time in Skyrim, adventuring, fighting, and learning the lore, I've found myself asking a very interesting question... Is Sovngarde the only plane of existence in the afterlife? (With it being slightly different depending on the race.) I ask this question because of one particular character in the game. The Ebony Warrior. The reason he makes me ask is because he is a redguard who, based on redguard mythos, is a demigod of battle. According to some lore, there is a redguard demigod who lives for battle. One of his arms is a blade of ebony, and he stands much taller than normal humans. There isn't a whole lot of relevant information on this demigod (for this post). Although from there is, we can guess that these two chracters are one in the same. While the Ebony Warrior's arm isn't a sword by itself, it could be viewed as the old, "your blade is an extension of yourself," line. If all of this is the case, why then does this warrior want you to send him to Sovngarde? To fight the probably already slain Alduin? To challenge the ancient nord heroes of old? Or maybe because there's nowhere else to go? Granted, there are also the planes of Oblivion, but you specifically have to enter certain contracts with the owners of those planes. If one in Tamriel never makes any contract with a daedric prince, or other worldy being, is Sovngarde the only place that awaits them in the afterlife?
It was my understanding that Sovngarde was just a part of the Dreamsleeve. Most Tamriel races believe either that they will go to the Dreamsleeve or be reincarnated. Sovngarde, as I understand, is just a part of the Dreamsleeve...kinda like the Elysian fields in the Underworld.
Yeah, what @BeannachtOraibh said. There are the different daedric realms, but with the afterlife I think most people enter the dreamsleeve. though I think the dreamsleeve is more of a purgatory space, while sovvngarde is the specific heaven of the nords.
even people who worship different daedric princes, I'd say when they die they go to the specific realm. so I think there might be different afterlives depending on your actual life.
there's each plane of oblivion, although some deadric princes would opt out of keeping mortal spirits in their realms. there is also the soul cairn, horrible and desolate it's the final destination for any human or humanoid soul you captured in a soul gem. of course the spirit is only sent there after you've used and by doing so destroyed the soul gem. the soul cairn is ruled over by beings called the ideal masters. they are dishonest and always soul hungry. also they seem to hold dominion over any other divine being, be it deadra or divine. there is also the void, a great realm of darkness and emptiness ruled over and also somehow built of sithis. sithis is believed to be what has always been, the nothingness before nirn was created. he was the first divine being to ever exist. it is said that when the dark brotherhood makes a kill, their victims soul is sent to sithis, to the void.