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Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy

Koto and her brothers, A and Un are stuck in a strange city causing massive mayhem through the land called Kyoto but not the Kyoto they are from. They are searching for an atypical rabbit in order to return home. Koto, who is the eldest of the three, seems to have some sort of connection to this weird place ruled by a monk, a demon, and a priest.

Status: Completed (10 Episodes + 3 Extras)


This is the reason why anime is so great! No matter how many times a theme is used, anime creators will always come with a way to bring us an amazing storyline. I do have to say that it's a little bit confusing at first but everything will become clear as the story goes on. It was based on an Asian folklore, including the name, called Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga. I love any type of folklore which is why I got hooked from the get-go and I'm so glad I finished this. I just wish it was longer but solid storyline nonetheless.


So many characters for a short series. Every character with it's own unique and charming personality where basically their interactions dictate the anime and the reason why the anime is so enjoyable. As I said, unfortunately the anime is very short and we don't get to see HUGE character development but the feature is definitely there. I also would've loved to learn a lot more about the background of the supporting characters as well, specially with the fact that there's a scientist that looks like another version of Hatsune Miku.


The sound in the anime is fantastic as always even the small details. The voice acting is flawless but the best thing in the sound department is the music both opening/ending and the ambiance music. The opening is called "Koko" by Tamurapan and is the most charming song in the series and the ending is called "Shissou Ginga" by Teppan and the way the use this song was fantastic! At the end of every episode, they picked the perfect timing and cliffhanger for the song to start and is a feature not many animes take advantage of.

-Reasons to Watch-

The fact that is based on an Asian folklore should be enough for anybody to watch it but if you need more reasons watch it for everything that it has to offer. The storyline as mentioned is fantastic with charming and lovable characters. The anime has a little bit of every genre, it's hilarious, emotional, epic, etc. The soundtrack is one of the best features of the anime as well.
However, THE absolute best and main reason you need to check the anime is because of the artstyle and animation. I have never seen anything like this in my entire otaku life. As soon as I finished the first episode, this was the reason I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It has a mix of old and modern art and it works so well together. Its unbelievably colorful, literally SO MANY COLORS! Not only that but it's so detailed.
I also mentioned that there are 10 episodes and 3 extras. Make sure you skip "Episode 00" as it is a teaser and it will confuse you even more if you watch it. "Episode 5.5" is a special LIVE episode with some of the voice actresses visiting the temple that inspired the setting of the anime. Lastly, "Episode 10.5" is a recap of the whole series. I don't know how but I have this radar for super under-rated animes and this is definitely one of them.

A very under-rated anime worth checking out not only for the plot, characters and soundtracks but also, and mainly, for it's fantastic artstyle and flashy/colorful animation!

Hope You Enjoy~

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@KhrystinaLee No problem~ Let me know when you finish it @MajahnNelson Its another "Mushibugyo" style but more story focused but it has lots of action as well @littlemaryk My timing is always good with you apparently xD awesome~ @InVinsybll @PASCUASIO Make sure you check it out! @MaighdlinS Its great and believe me the artstyle is the best I've seen so far
@MaighdlinS very elegant. Let's just not make her angry :S
@RosePark I adored Koto and her mother. I liked Yase's character a lot too.
@MaighdlinS awesome~ Tell me you loved Koto and her mother xD and the animation woo! Told ya it was amazing~
@RosePark ahhhh I just finished it! I loved it so much! the animation was so visually appealing and it was never dull. The story line was so intriguing!
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