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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Set! Let's Go~

Today's pick: "Overlord"!

"Clattanoia" by OxT

Tell me every single one of you that has watched "Overlord" got excited everytime this opening came on! no?...only me?...*sigh* Anyways, some of you probably knew OxT before this song as they also performed songs for animes (mostly sports anime) such as "Ace of Diamond" and an anime that is still new "Prince of Stride". For this song at least, they went all out by mixing hard J-Rock, auto-tune and some of that creepy feeling in between which matched perfectly with what Overlord is.

"Overlord OST" by Shuji Katayama

Overlord's OST is nothing to be praised for in the sense of innovation. However, when it comes to setting the mood Katayama is amazing at what he does. He has also composed tracks for animes like "Madan no Ō to Vanadis" and "Naruto Shippuden"The Lost Tower". Apparently his style is one of those that specializes in building tension with great soundtrack and for those epic battles.

"MYTH & ROID" by L.L.L.

Arguably one of the best ending songs from last year, L.L.L. brings us this masterpiece with a badass tune plus her aggressive and powerful voice. Perfect way to end every episode even though I can see this song being the opening and vice-versa. Also, have I told you that sometimes Japanese MV creep the hell out of me... Lastly, I am pretty sure most people think of Albedo every time they listen to this one! Cheers if you do~

What did you think of "Overlord" and its soundtracks and if you have watched it and those who haven't, make sure to check it out!

Listen to your heart's content~

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I need a 2nd season of Overlord
Ooooh I like this :D