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Siwon twitter update
오빠한테 페이스팩토리(@OurFaceFactory ) 작품 선물하면서 저도 하나 꼭 갖고 싶었는데 받게되었어요ㅠㅠ 예뻐서 몸둘바를 모르겠네요 여러분도 예쁜 사진을 그림으로 간직하세요! thx @MsJONHO I do not know pretty body dulba, _AT_ the RT @THESIWONEST, my brother the pace factory (@ OurFaceFactory) I work as a gift, I wanted to have one just given ㅠ doeeoteoyo the pretty pictures you keep Figure! the (35 minutes ago) go to church with family. yayyyy! (27 minutes ago)
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