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29 days of Marvel (1)
Where to start? ah yes. Hola, miamo Samantha Lynn. I am 22 years old, soon to be 23 on Wednesday. I am spontaneous and random and I have 12 favorite colors. I love food, and drawing. currently I am a part of Sadistic Harmony. I'm like the senior junior vice president of epicness or something lmao. I am currently taken also, by Wolf lmao @MichaelOgg will get it. anywho, I'm 5'6", the second tallest girl out of my entire family, and I have a kickass attitude. I'm friendly and happy go lucky and I've been told my humor is amazing lmao. let the crazy begin!
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I have plans bro, plaaaans for this. lol and I have a question. what's X?
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X is just like a blank you fill in yourself
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@MichaelOgg oooooooh OK lmao
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