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one would be a B.A.P one and the story is about you and your friends having a dance crew and are an Internet sensation. You guys come to Korea for vacation. Two B.A.P members are huge fans of you guys and that's how it will start off.
the other story would be a BigBang one mostly T.O.P. You and T.O.P are childhood friends and something huge happens and you guys went your separate ways and meet up later. Still haven't figured out a description yet. you think I should try? @helixx @prettieeEmm @kpopandkimchi @Morganelisbeth @ARMYStarlight @QueenLee @leighholgate @jeppblackmen @nikkitty
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Yes, do it! I like them both, but the B.A.P. one sounds really interesting... though I suppose it would mean I need to go check them out so I'm familiar with the members when I read the story. lol... so many rabbit holes. Anyway, YES. DO IT, and tag me!
I started the B.A.P one and tagged u in it
The B.A.P. sounds fabulous!!! Tag me in whichever you decide to write please?
tag me if you do either!
@CrystalGuerra I posted the first part of the B.A.P one