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Why is he so cute tho? He looks so happy with his ice cream^-^
That's just like when people saw the run music video and saw Rap Monster with a cigarette in his mouth but when you look closely, he doesn't take it out for a long time. you don't leave cigarette in your mouth for longer than 3 seconds usually and it was too small to be one along with the fact that there was no smoke coming out. It was a sucker.
@KDluvR1999 it was a lollipop because he clearly dipped it in the cup .. You don't dip cigarettes into something you're about to drink .. Whoever thought doesn't have common sense 😭
@JaiiPanda I know right? but as far as I know every person in the reaction videos that I watched called it a cigarette and I'm just like, *facepalm*
have you seen that episode of gintama when he licks a lollipop so fast it starts to smoke at the opposite end 😂 that's what this reminds me of.