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It's the first of month which means new beginnings.

The shortest month of the year doesn't mean that you have to settle for less. Go above and beyond this month when it comes to you goals and aspirations. Open both your heart and mind and let positivity follow you wherever you may go.
I promised I would do weekly affirmations, so I'm sticking to my words and have put together yet another weeks worth of affirmations that will hopefully bring you wisdom, peace and most of all, positivity. Keep scrolling to see some amazing affirmations to take you from today to the end of the week.

I hope my words resonate with you this week.

Leave a comment below with an affirmation of your own.
I love that amazing quote your friend gave you and I have absolutely no clue why I never saw this! we should all try to be better versions of ourself every single day @nicolejb
Love the quote from The Help. My daughter and I would say it to each other when we had a tough day and it would make us lol and feel great.
awww that's so beautiful @EasternShell I'm a huge fan of that quote as well. It was an amazing movie.
Yes! thanks for the tag friend. I love that one about being what you are looking for! my really good friend (and I might've told you this already) ALWAYS tells me "what you do to improve yourself, improves your surroundings, improves the world." It sounds silly but that really resonants with me. I try to be better every day
@nicolejb I know you happened to enjoy these before :)