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My friend made Kimbap for the first time and brought me some! And she watched some more Kpop with me I'm slowly dragging her in. She says she's enjoying the ride though ❤
@KDSnKJH Cool 😊 I can't wait to try it next time! I'm gonna get my friend to teach me how to make a lot of recipes when the store opens
@shawnawise Nope. They usually have diff. flavors so u choose what u want.
@KDSnKJH I think there's a store opening not too far from where I live. I'll definitely look for it there. Is it a specific brand/flavor?
@shawnawise Oooh sounds good. Do u have access to any Korean groceries? They sell this rice topping stuff that we added to ours and it brought a whole new flavor to it.
@KDSnKJH It's bulgogi, carrot, radish, fish cake, egg, aannnd maybe more seaweed I can't quite remember what she told me. She made it with her Korean mother-in-law this weekend
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