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Life is all about choices.

The choices we make whether good or bad, always find a way of teaching us a lesson in the long run. We all know someone with low self-esteem and we all know someone who happens to be overly conceited or very much into themselves. Both can be rather negative when you think about it, but a negative can always turn into a positive later on down the line.
If you had the option to date someone you found extremely attractive, but they possessed one of the above traits -- would you go for the person with the low self esteem or the person who is way too into themselves?
Leave a comment below explaining why.
been there with both-I'll stay single.
@EasternShell That's a great point haha. I would rather date someone with low self-esteem, because actually, if you think about it, someone who is conceited is actually just someone who puffs themselves up in order to compensate for their... you guessed it... low self esteem. Someone conceited would have a whole 'nother level of problems to deal with, whereas the person with low self-esteem... well, that just sounds like a normal person to me :) someone who has yet to learn how completely awesome they are! I'd be down to help them learn.
Totally agree with everything @LAVONYORK said. I've dating both, and the later also tends to be more caring to you. someone that is OVERLY confident tends to only think about themselves...
I don't blame you! @EasternShell
good answer, personality is everything. but if there was a connection -- which would you choose? @buddyesd
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