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Life is all about choices.

The choices we make whether good or bad, always find a way of teaching us a lesson in the long run. We all know someone with low self-esteem and we all know someone who happens to be overly conceited or very much into themselves. Both can be rather negative when you think about it, but a negative can always turn into a positive later on down the line.
If you had the option to date someone you found extremely attractive, but they possessed one of the above traits -- would you go for the person with the low self esteem or the person who is way too into themselves?
Leave a comment below explaining why.
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Always!!! They have to see it in themselves or they will never see it. Great strategy! @nicolejb
if I was men, I will choose low self esteem girl because you can easy to control the situation. but as a girl, I will not choose men with this personality because I wanted him to make a move first..
Making the first move is always nice, but I always feel dominated to make the first move myself sometimes as well. I can definitely understand why would you choose that if you were a man @atmi
oh ok, 1st move.. not move 1st my bad.. haha馃榿
Haha, I knew what you meant! @atmi