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Living with Bangtan (Gif Game)

You share a room with him.
He makes you breakfast everyday.
He walks around the house half naked.
He loves to write songs about you.
He loves to play video games with you.
He sneaks into your bed at night for cuddles.
He dances for you in the practice room.
He takes you on walks in the park, holding hands.
Steals kisses from you while youre talking to him.
Always wants to takd couple photos with you.
Does whatever he can to make you smile or laugh everyday.
Send you dirty texts from across the room.
I FOUND IT! @JaiiPanda @SugaOnTop :D
way cute!!!!!!! but I'm getting a bunch of attention from jin and rapmon. oh crap Jungkook sends me dirty texts!?!?!? I would wash his mouth out with soap
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