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You dozed off sometime around early morning and slept hard. When your wake- up call comes a couple of hours later you feel like you’d not only been hit by a truck but ran over by it multiple times. You drag yourself into the shower, almost falling back asleep until you sort of slip and yeah, the fear of someone having to rescue you and see you naked does the trick. You arrive at Big Hit for your meeting with their top dog in public relations. Thank goodness there is a car waiting for you, you hadn’t really thought much about how to get there until walking out the front door. That combined with no sleep and you could have ended up anywhere. Come to think of it, it might not have been so bad if you’d ended up at another entertainment company that had idols hanging around, that you could just “accidently” run into. That thought led to a smirk with a short laugh and of course, that is what the PR director walked in on – you, looking like death warmed over and evilly laughing. Wow, this trip was off to a great start. Pretty much being here is like a paid vacation. You can definitely handle that and would start it right back at hotel room in bed. Unfortunately the PR guy squashed those magical ideas by handing you a schedule that has you up at the butt crack of dawn each day and not back to the hotel until well after the vampires came out each night. Sighing inwardly you remind yourself that you are being paid by this man to be in South Korea and blog about it for 10 days. The only thing that could make this better would be if they added idols to your hectic schedule. Basking in their beauty as your tired brain attempts to figure out what was going on around you sounds like a perfect idea. Knowing that you don’t speak the language, that being one of the main reasons you got the job, you are assigned a personal attachment. As in a human, who looked to be about 12 but you find out later is actually a good couple of years older than you. She speaks fluent English, Korean, and Chinese, looks like a little bookworm with those large owlish glasses and you dub her your instant new bestie. She is to be your constant companion throughout each day and you sort of feel sorry for her. You wonder if she is on work probation or some such other punishment for not meeting a work quota. As if she can read your mind she smiles, “No, this is actually a break for me, a chance to get outside and see sunshine!” You look dramatically at the schedule and then back to her with a raised eyebrow. She laughs out right, “Oh we will see the sun, it has to come up sometime while we are driving around.” Yep, confirmed, new bestie. She seemed so vibrant, so full of energy, so AWAKE that she almost shimmered as you headed out to the car and your first assignment. You feel jealous of that; of being awake enough to really enjoy what is about to happen this day and give yourself a serious talking to about this case of grumps! Your job it seemed was to play the tourist and tag along while recording movements of a few idol groups…. IDOL groups?!? Holy Hell how did you not see that? You look and feel like death warmed over and there are gorgeous idol groups?!?! Bad enough that your eyes are blood shot and red rimmed from lack of sleep, you still have on glasses. You simply threw on whatever you could get your hands on out of your suitcase. You’ve suddenly never been so thankful that you carry around make up in your bag. Not everything but enough to do touch ups during the day. It was better than the way you currently look. Sitting in the back seat of the car again, you quickly start donning make up. You squint at the tiny mirror in your hands, unable to see due to lack of contacts. Your phone goes off while your hands are otherwise occupied. Jimin motions to it and you nod your approval. You weren’t supposed to hear from NJ or Tae until you texted them, which would be sometime tonight to keep your ruse in place. “It is a text, it says, “worried hope didn’t wake u reply?” She looks really confused so you glance over her shoulder to see that it was a Line text, a text from V. Damn that boy and his huge heart, he was going to be the death of you. “Oh, it’s just a friend, you can put it back in my bag, I’ll answer it later, thanks.” She shrugs as she drops it back in the bag, then turns to look at you, “You use the Line App?” Busted. Trying to act like it isn’t a big deal, you shrug. “I have a couple of friends who requested I try it, so I did. They are really the only ones I talk to with it. It has the cutest little emoji’s you know?” You can see out of the corner of your eye that she is still quizzically staring at you, so you pretend not to notice. Last thing you do is put eye drops in and then kick yourself realizing, they should have been first so it didn’t ruin your make up. Just proving once again what little brain function you were using. You drive and walk all over the city that day, seeing sights, and snapping pictures. As your schedule called it, “acting the tourist”, well hello, you are a tourist thank you. During the day as you talk, you discover that Jimin is actually an accountant with Big Hit. She knew she wanted to be close to the entertainment community but felt she had no talent or beauty so she settled for her skills in math. She had never been to half the places on the schedule she had never met an idol face to face. Their managers, of course, as they turned in receipts all the time or when she had to call one of them to verify expenses. She was still vibrating and you realize that she is just as big of a fan girl. She couldn’t believe that she’d actually been given the assignment when she volunteered. She and the driver, who you found out is Ken, drop you off at the hotel to get ready for dinner that night. Nothing fancy, but the wear of the day needed to be washed off and a change of clothing seemed in order. An hour later you met her back in the hotel lobby; freshly pressed, washed, and starving. Since you fell in love with KPOP a few years ago you had been obsessed with everything Korean. You’d hunted down the local Asian store, purchased band merch and beauty supplies online; you were even trying to learn Korean. Alright you’d been trying the whole time but it seemed a little easier now that there was someone you could actually speak Korean to. Someone that laughed at your mistakes, smiled and nodded when you got it right, and blushed…. Ha ha, yep, BLUSHED when you accidently said something inappropriate. Wait…were those accidents? Hmm, you’d never tell. If at all possible, Jimin was vibrating with more energy than she had during the day. You look at her questioningly, wondering just how much coffee she’d had. She suddenly starts clapping her hands with a little bounce – yes she is bouncing and you could smack her. “There is a surprise for you, I just found out about it myself. AHH, I can’t contain myself!” Wow, this surprise must be good. As you head out to where Ken is waiting, you remember you still need to text NJ and Tae. Your phone had gone off while in the shower, this time NJ, “Hope you are sleeping, waiting to hear from you.” You don’t know how you got so lucky to become friends with these guys but you don’t ever want it go away. You knew it eventually would of course, they were big stars and as they got bigger, time would become less available to chat or text. They would, you hoped actually gain lives in which females were present. It was useless to deny that a part of you hoped you would be one of those picked by them. Your head keeps telling your heart to stop being an idiot you are only a time filler for a couple of guys who work so hard that they had no time for a real life. You pull up in front of a restaurant that has a line of people waiting out the door and down the sidewalk. Jimin smiles, “We have reservations” and she pretty much bounds out of the car. “What is this place?” you ask after you’ve been seated and placed drink orders. “This is THE place.” “THE place?” Her head quickly bobs up and down. If she didn’t settle down you were pretty sure you were going to get sea sick just talking to her. Glancing around the room, not bad, rather small, looks like what you’d call a hole in the wall back in the states. A sort of mom and pop place which meant really good food and a decent portion of it. Jimin spoke again, “Most idols don’t make a lot of money their first years. If they have time or money, this is where most come to eat. To be an idol you get right in, no waiting. To be a regular patron, you must wait unless there are no idols around.” Idols? You sit up straighter and decide to really see what and who are around you. Honestly, unless the idol was in one of your bias groups, they could walk right past you, or sit down right next to you. Just as that thought comes to mind over your shoulder you hear… “Excuse me, could we join you?”
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