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I completely forgot I made this one. Okay, so I love this song and this lyric is pretty much why. Kurt was (I hate that I have to use the word "was") so incredibly welcoming to anyone and everyone that wanted to be a part of his crowd. Mind you, he didn't like being famous, but he was never discriminatory. The punks didn't have to have red hair or black clothes or tattoos and piercings. Music was music to Kurt and he wanted it to be whatever it was to anyone who listened, no matter where they came from or who they were. This song is also talking about society and the expectations it puts on people to behave a certain way and to dress a certain way and to like certain things. Kurt encouraged us to be who we wanted to be. This line of the song says "Come as you are, as a friend, as I want you to be...", and I have heard many people argue what "as I want you to be" could mean, because if the whole song is about being ourselves and not conforming, then why would Kurt ask us to conform to his standards? Here is what I have decided: as I've already said, Kurt asks us to be ourselves and be who we are where we want to be, so if that is what Kurt wants, then when he tells us to "come as [he wants us] to be", he is telling us to, again, "come as [we] are". Any other opinions on what Kurt is talking about?
There's a quote from this book I like that says "telling someone what a symbol means is like telling someone how music should make them feel". Whatever feelings this song, or any song, brings up is independent of anyone else. @shannonl5
I think it's a perfect interpretation. He really was a wonderful artist and person in general.
Love this song- all of Nirvana's music is amazing. I know what the song meant to me- when I was a teen there was a lot of this shallow-sounding "be yourself" language... but it never rang true because what people really meant was "be the KIND of person that we want to see be confident" if that makes sense. It was sort of a small-minded community. So this song to me felt like it was taking those words and twisting them to show how dishonest they really were. I don't know if that was the intention behind the lyrics, but I found them comforting