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Erza Scarlet 🍰

SPOILERS!! If you have not seen Fairy Tail or are not up to speed with the anime series there will be some spoilers (view on your own will)

Erza's Scarlet is an amazing S-class wizard in the Fairy Tail guild. She has the courage of a knight and the kind heart like a mother for she always fight for what's right and her amazing family in Fairy Tail. Erza LOVES strawberry cake and will even fight for her slice if messed around with. She loves her guild mates and would do anything for them. When Erza was a child she was taken away and kept as a slave in the tower of heaven along with other children. Erza escaped and later on she joined the Fairy Tail Guild. Erza became a strong S-class wizard and is considered the Queen of Fairies or is called Titana as well. Erza is loving and caring and will fight for what she believes in what makes her ana amazing and very beautiful character in Fairy Tail.
Erza's magic (just like Happy said) is truly beautiful and amazing. Erza uses a magic called Requip, which allows her to store her armor and weapons in another place and allows her to change from one armor to another in a snap. Erza has armors for different attacks (and some for fun). (In order of photos Names of Erza's armors) Heavens Wheel, Lightning Empress Armor, Sea Empress Armor, Armadura Fairy Armor, Adamantine Armor, Flight Armor, Morning Star Armor, Robe of Yuen, Japanese Cloth, Flame Empress Armor, Black Wing Armor, Farewell Armor, Giant S Armor, Purgatory Armor, Nakagami Armor, Seductive Armor, Nurse outfit, Legendary Swimsuit, and Gothic Lolita. Erza's probably has more fun outfits but these were my favorite ones. Erza's armor selection is simply amazing and there's no doubt that later on I will update her armor selection soon. Erza's is an amazing character on her own adding these amazing armors just makes her even more badass. I hope you guys like Erza and if you guys have any question about the anime feel free to ask!
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Her magic is really cool all those cool outfits to change into in a snap!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
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@natsulover17 I know she is definitely The Queen of Fairies😆
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I love you Erza Scarlet
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