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When you finally decide that it's time to get some fruit in your body, which would you go for? An apple or banana?
Watch this shocking video before you make your decision!
Until Vingle starts a Spiders interest or community, I am going to tag @mattk95 and @danidee relentless in these types of cards. (And a few others too.) Hope you don't mind!
Oh my god馃槰 r u freaking kidding me?? That's scary af! How the f did it end up there?? If i was in his place i'd put a case against the person from whom he had bought it!! From now on, before eating a banana i'll make someone peel it for me!
but but I love bananas :(
id seen a different video of a bag of bananas with a 4 or 5 inch spider just walking around
dam i hate spiders!!!
huh? wtf? You want t a pet spider @LindaGuandique?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I can't comprehend that. And your BF is going to HIT THE ROOF if he learns that you have any form of a pet spider in the house. I'd die!!!!!
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