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When you finally decide that it's time to get some fruit in your body, which would you go for? An apple or banana?
Watch this shocking video before you make your decision!
Until Vingle starts a Spiders interest or community, I am going to tag @mattk95 and @danidee relentless in these types of cards. (And a few others too.) Hope you don't mind!
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LMAO I LOVE THIS. He's like "Hello from the other siiiiiIiIIiiideeeee."
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So my boyfriend doesn't want me to have pet tarantulas if we get married and cuz I really want a pet spider Id actually still pick the banana 馃檴 Maybe he'll let me keep it
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huh? wtf? You want t a pet spider @LindaGuandique?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I can't comprehend that. And your BF is going to HIT THE ROOF if he learns that you have any form of a pet spider in the house. I'd die!!!!!
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Well they can be cute too....sometimes (yes I realize I'm weird). Plus I get to use it against him whenever I want to get back to him when he scares me. Guess I'll have to hide the banana with the spider too lol @marshalledgar
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