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BTS Housemates screen shot game

Sharing a room with a princess and I'm not the princess....😜
JEON JUNGKOOK what are you doing in my bed!!!!
My boyfriend how the hell did that happen? Okay yes he's adorable and sexy, funny and his voice I could listen to him sing all day but but..oh f$*%€ not like I'd marry him I'll just date him for awhile
My "ex" only reason we didn't work is because he was sleeping all the time. He may be younger then me but I have more energy then him I needed someone who could keep up with me I guess that's why I gave Kookie a shot
I guess I fell in love with him because he listened to me and was there for me to talk when I needed it. He can be mature for his age
Okay Taehyung just remember I can be a prankster too and payback's a b*#%€
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