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This was a week or two ago and I never posted my results also thanks to the @thePinkPrincess for making this series! If you want to play along here's the card:
Looks like my best friend Holls is gonna kill me....
If he went with me I expect a ton of screaming (yes I'm chicken haha)
Ummmmm....I'm okay but I love chessy romantic stuff why is my bias and me never together...lmao sorry small little rant xD
Well cotton candy is made of sugar
Ohhhhhh myyyyy gooodddddnesssss I would give him a hug because I love big teddy bears I always wanted one >u
Looks like I'm gonna have to explain what happened to my friend Jailyn...
Looks like I'm gonna be killed by two friends and I'm gonna get a long talk....
Lol I'm sorry you weren't ever able to get you bias xD i always end up never getting mine too
@Miss148 I know it's a struggle at times, and hopefully you get him soon! Lol ^^
I relate! I've never been able to get my bias J-Hope! Lol the struggle every time I screen shot
@thePinkPrincess lol, it's okay and the struggle is ongoing xD but I end up getting him when it comes to the marriage ones it's just ironic xD