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Hey Beautiful Vingle Nakama!

The mod team and I have been talking about new things to do in the commmunity, and we thought that with it being awards season and all, we could try our own version of an awards show.

The conversation resulted in this, the Nakama Choice Awards!

How will this work? Well basically, for the next few days starting tomorrow we'll be posting up cards for the various different categories of awards eligible to be won. The categories are as follows:
Best Anime
Best Male Lead
Best Female Lead
Best Supporting Male
Best Supporting Female
Best OP
Best ED
The week following, we will put up cards upon which everyone can vote for their choice for each of these categories.
Let us all get into the hype of awards season and celebrate our own choice for what have been the superlative anime for us all!
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@PeteTehCat what do you mean taken away?
yay awards!
@InVinsybll I get in trouble quit a lot and I'm still a freshman so I have to live by my parents rule.
I'm guessing the shows have to be from last year ( winter 2015 to fall 2015). Otherwise old otaku like me will be nominating shows older than many of the members
WOOOO GO ICHIGO @BrittanyBocaneg