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Original Card By: @MorganElisabeth Tagged by: @DestineeLiu @jessicaacosta90 & @PrettieeEmm These guys are still relatively new to me but I like what I've heard from them.
Awww!! The hair envy is strong. (I seriously have a weakness for long hair)
Stop being so cute!!!!
How can I not?!?! He's adorable!!
I got his first kiss!?
You look as confused as I feel about this one Mingyu
Damn that kiss!!
Ah, I see what happened here. We live together so it makes sense we would try the whole dating thing.
I told you! The hair envy is strong!
I must have gotten over the hair envy.
As you can see I took the screenshots a little after midnight, due to technically difficulties I am just now able to post. Tagging some of you loverly peoples: @sexylexi93 @fallchild @KhrystinaLee @terenailyn @bbyitskatie @VeronicaArtino @xroyalreisx @SamanthaRae19 @xsandos17 @sarahdarwish

Let me know if you do/do not want to be take in future cards

@MorganElisabeth I enjoyed the game, prompted me to do more digging & find out more about them. Yes it is! (hair envy)
BEAUTIFUL! Mingyu is a weirdo it cannot be helped that he'd try and make the moves on you. The hair envy is so real, though. I feel you. Thank you for playing and posting! I loved the card! :)
yeah I do t know all they're name either except for my 4 biases lol
@PrettieeEmm Vernon & Woozi were the only ones I knew on sight. Jeonghan though 😍😍 the hair!! It's a weakness.
Vernon 😍 you got good results