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Ah Ri kept herself quiet for hours, her patience had risen only one more time for Eun Seul and this time she was determined to get her to talk to her. She tried not to scream out her anger. Her fury runs strong in her veins and she wasn't planning on taking it out so easily. Her mother did not even question why she looked so pale, instead she kept her distance knowing that after their argument not too many things have changed but Ah Ri's attitude towards her.
Ah Ri had received a phone call, it was from Eun Seul. She sounded depressing and defensively trying not cry. Instead of being happy Ah Ri was worried. She had no idea why out of all the days she waited, had Eun Seul chosen to talk to her on her birthday.
They met on a park very close to their old high school, a memorial place for when nothing mattered and problems where extinct. The school looked the same; same building, same parking lot and the same old teachers.
Ah Ri waited outside by the freshman play area, she smiled at the hearing of students laughing. And she remembered the fun days her and Eun Seul used to always have.
They day of Eun Seul's 18th birthday, 12 years after the accident.
Eun Seul looked as pretty as ever. She was wearing a beautiful cocktail dress in a shade of rose-pink and white. It was short on the front and medium-long on the mid of her legs. She had the smile of a girl who was the happiest person in the world. When Ah Ri had arrived she smiled bigger but it soon faded as she noticed the damage in Ah Ri's faced. She knew how much Ah Ri needed to know the truth about that day, but she kept on smiling and pretending like nothing happened.
Later that day she had taken Ah Ri where she once met her, their old high school. The school was empty and was dark enough for Ah Ri to see where she was. Then she remembered, the accident, what had happened to her. It happened there, in their old school. Ah Ri panicked and looked at Eun Seul in such a shock, but all Eun Seul was doing was looking down crying away her agony and contentiously apologizing. Ah Ri who was still in such pain for what her vision had done to her, screamed away the pain of what Eun Seul had done to her. She had yelled so much, cried so much that she passed out.
At the hospital all she could remember was Eun Seul saying "happy birthday to me".