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Hey what's good everybody. I'm Kyle but all my friends and colleagues call me Spider.
A little about me. I'm a comic loving video game playing anime watching nerd. Swears are like a second nature to me. So parental advisory haha. My favorite heroes are Spider-man, the X-Men especially gambit, and Deadpool. I work two jobs one I hate and one I love. I'm a construction worker and a semi-pro super smash bros player. Let's see if you guys can guess which one I love lol My favorite games to play are fighters, specifically Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. for mortal kombat I play Johnny Cage and Eron Black. I've been playing Johnny since the days of genesis. Street Fighter I show love to Dudley and I main Little Mac and Ike in Smash. But I play just about any game out there. My PS4 tag is TheTwiztidSpider and my WIIU tag is twiztidspyder hit me up if you ever want to play. I'm not just a nerd I play a shit ton of sports, I used to box, I play football, baseball, hockey and basketball recreationally. I'm that friend that needs a warning label. Anything else you wanna know hit me up. I'll talk to anyone about anything. I didn't tag anyone cause I don't know anyone's thing by heart yet and I don't know how to add them any other way
@invinsybll not yet. I'm not that good. @shannonl5 he did GI Joe and he was terrible in it
@shannonl5 apparently he is from Louisiana from what I heard. I just don't think Tatum is a good actor, not for action rolls at least. @InVinsybll haha yeah except I just spent the last 3 days training all day cause I had a wicked bad run last Thursday
@inVinsybll yeah I compete in tourneys
@shannonI5 @TwistidSpider Honestly, I like Channing Tatum. He was really good in White House Down, and that had a shit load of action in it. He was still a baby in GIJoe. cut him some slack.
@shannonl5 yeah it was straight grabage. He really only works in comedy roles
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