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Sadly I have only pictures of the maknae line in like outfits you were around the house, but thanks for @thePinkPrincess to making these!! It's a lot of fun!~ Here's the link to the card:
Okay, so Hoseok and me are in the same room, I'm thinking random games will be played in this room (I literally mean games like monopoly, the game of life, or even just children's games)
I'm not that surprised he would be in my bed, I'll probably just say "Yoongi, let me go on my bed" then who knows what he would do (aka either tell me he's staying, he's in deep sleep, or he tries to be sly)
Ohhhhhh, umm now this got awkward. So Hoseok and me use to date? And we now share a room, it could be a lot of tension instead of fun....aigoo..
It would make sense that I would talk with Namjoon, because it just makes sense in a way, in other words he reminds me of my older brother (wait...nah Yoongi reminds me more of my older brother xD, they both do)
So my roommate, also my ex likes to prank me a lot looks like this is gonna be a lovely experience ^^''
@SehunsQueen you can thank the photographer in the photoshoot ^^ I forget what photoshoot but I do believe it's in Bangtantv (their YouTube channel) somewhere haha if you want to find it xD
jungkook looks so perfect omg
Feel free to tag me in anything. I hear you with Namjoon, I got him as the go to talk person as well. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@AlexErica okay 😊
keep tagging me 😊
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