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**WARNING YOU MAY DIE FOR THE STORY** "What are you doing?" Your ask your boyfriend. "Nothing just getting some stuff." He said. You see him grab some stakes and a sword. "What you going to do?" You ask him. "Just go for a little hunting."
You wake up with your body aching. You started to remember the night before of what happen. What you did, while was touching every part he didn't you remember that you have a boyfriend. You turned and saw that your boyfriend was sleeping next to you. You jumped and also scream. **Wait How did he get here last night if...** You looking at your boyfriend wondering how it happen. Your phone beeps. Mystery boy: Dont worry boyfriend didn't come until late last night. You looking at your phone, and then look at him. You got up and went to the bathroom. You turn on the shower and the images of last night came into your mind. You touch your body as you was thinking about him in you. While you thinking about it, you feel somebody hands on your body. You jumped and then look at who it's was. Mystery boy push you to the wall and picks you up. He kisses you passionately. Your body is already open to him. You want him to be inside of you. You feel his member push into your ladyhood. You and him was moving your hips as y'all was humping to death. He his breathing became harder and heavy. You felt his grab you tighter and you feel your body ready to explode. He came into you again as your head was on his shoulders. He kisses you again before he left. You finish taking tour shower. You just realize you had sex again. You get out the shower and saw your boyfriend standing in front of the door. You jumped, while he wiping the sleep out his eyes. "What?! why did you jump for am I a vampire or something?" He joked. You just looked at him, and hurried to the room and get dress.
You just got dress you was about to get cook breakfast. You see your boyfriend come out the room. He smiles at you the come and kiss you. You didn't pull away but you felt weird. "Hey let's have a date night tonight?" He ask you. "Sure that would be fun, plus I miss being with you anyway." You say back trying to get that spark again. He smiles and kisses your head. He take your toast from you and walks away. You smile and start to feel your old self again. Your boyfriend goes out for work while you do a little cleaning. You give him a kiss goodbye and start cleaning. You play some BigBang: Bang Bang Bang. You went to go watch some tv. Your mind haven't thought about what happen last night or in the shower. But you started to, you feel your body become hot and crazy again. You are remembering him kissing, licking, and touching you everywhere. Then without you realizing it you see him again. "W-Why are you here?" You ask him breathless. "Because I see you over here touching yourself and I can't help but come." He said. He starts to take off all your clothes again. You don't say nothing but just moan. You love the feeling of his touch. Once he got you naked he start to get naked too. "Why do I want you so much?" You ask trying to breathe. "Like I said you are mines." He said to you softly. He lifts both of your legs up and began to thrust inside you. You can't help but moan out. He likes you moan, so he hit your G spot just to hear it. You scream in pleasure. "Come on baby say my name." He said you softly. You try to hold on but he keep thrusting your g spot. You feel your body getting close. You feel him getting close. "(NAMJOON, SUGA, JUNKOOK, TAEHYUNG, JIN, JIMIN, JHOPE!!!!!!!!)" scream his name as your body goes overload. You lay on his chest but then some thing weird you heard. You listening to his heart beat and it's slower then a humans. "Yes a vampire hearts beats but it's don't beats fast as humans." He said looking at you. "Why?" You ask him. "Because I died and my heart stop. While I was laying on the ground I felt my heart beat again but slow. I felt my body become something that I didn't know what it was. That's when the hunger took place." He said look into space. You kiss him and lay back on his chest. You hear his heart cry as you lay on his chest. "This is why I want you. I love you, you are what I want and I can't live with out you." He said.
You wake up from your nap and see that he was gone. You look at the time and hurry and got dress. "Crap I'm be late for my date." You said. You rush and get dress. You pick out the cutest outfit. You put on boots heels, with a white blouse, and a black pants. You put on your make up on. You look yourself in the mirror and felt guilt. You knew that you was losing love from him. You arrive at the restaurant where he at. It was an Chinese restaurant. He stood up when he saw you. You walked to him and kiss him. "Wow I guess for a date night you can still be beautiful as ever." He said to you. You smiled and blush. You and him at dinner and talk all night about life. Then he gets up and get closer to you. He get down on one knee and.. "Do you know how much I love you right. I can't see my life without you. Will you be my one and only?" He ask taking out a ring. You look at it and began to cry. You didn't know what to do. who could you marry him if you sleeping with somebody else. Before you realize it you run out the restaurant and into an alley. **Why would he ask me that? Why would he that?** You didn't realize that you walked into an alley until you bumped into somebody. You look up and saw a figure standing in front of you. "Hello pretty how are you doing?" The person said to you. You become scared and tried to move backward but the guy would let you. You look at the guy and you see how young he is. "Don't run away let's play together." He said. He shows he fangs and his eyes. He launch for you but then you saw someone come out of nowhere and stake the guy in the heart. You look at the vampire as it turned into ash. You then look at the person in front of you and you realize that it's your boyfriend. "What? How?" You said to him. "I'm a vampire Hunter if you asking what I am." He said back to you. You stand there looking at him. "A Hunter?" You ask. "Yes I kill vampire for a living it's my job." He said pushing back his hair. "Wait you kill what for a living?" You said in shock. "I kill vampires for a living." He said to you. "So that's means all vampires right?" You ask. "No not all, just the evil ones." He said pulling the stake from the ground. You look at him and then you thought about Mystery boy. You realize that you been sexing a vampire and dating a Hunter.
Wait he is a what? Come on now a Hunter? What next you going to be falling for a vampire? Well it's getting really. What you think is going to happen next @BBxGD @@AMANDAMUSKA @@Thepinkprincess @@AimeeH @PrettieeEmm @AmoiBigBang
Because that's not going to cause any problems at all...😧
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