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I just binged watched Netflix's, "Making A Murderer" over the past two days and it was incredible! Have you seen this yet?!
If you haven't you better soon because the internet has exploded with commentary on this 10-episodic documentary that follows convicted rapist, Steven Avery over the course of 10 years and the blatant injustice of the Wisconsin Manitowac County justice system.
Keep your remote handy because you're going to need to pause this SEVERAL TIMES--just to voice your own commentary to the person sitting in the room next to you. All you want to do is shout at the jury, the cops, Special Prosecuter, Kratz and the rest of them.
Spoilers abound on the internet and for good reason, because the makers of the documentary, writers and directors, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, have come under fire for painting a picture of innocence because "valuable evidence and testimony was left out of the show." With over 10 years of footage and legal documents that span 24 boxes...among other things, it would have been impossible to show EVERY MINUTE DETAIL. We all saw that with the infamous OJ trial in 1995.
Forget the title. Forget the genre. Forget all that. If you're looking for binge-worthy entertainment that will punch you in your gut, elevate your spirits and smother you with anxiety, then YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW. I couldn't stop!
This is the perfect series for those of you that find yourself wandering YouTube and find yourself in the black hole section of police brutality, corruption and the like.
I started a series of cards focusing on police and political corruption. It's my Business As Usual (BAU) series as mentioned in every title, that you can start to see here.
No I haven't but @alywoah is all about that show!
@nicolejb you really need to watch this show. For Real! Yeah, @alywoah I keep going over details of the murder case and I have so many questions. Angry questions. UGHH!!!!!!!
I literally had spent an entire weekend in front of my laptop watching the entire series. And I screamed several times
loved the show but just sad how the justice system works