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Hello, Vinglers! If you didn't already know this, it's Black History Month! In honor of the month, I will be highlighting Afro-Latinos who have positively impacted the USA. I will be highlighting one person for every day of this month. If you have anyone you'd like me to mention, let me know. If not, you're totally welcomed (and encouraged) to write your own cards. ;-)

Let's talk about Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

Schomburg was born in Santruce, Puerto Rico over a century ago in 1874. He was a writer, activist, and collector.

What he contributed:

-He co-founded the Negro Society for Historical Research in 1911 with his friend, John Edward Bruce.
-Schomburg joined the American Negro Academy which was dedicated to encouraging research in black history.
-Also a writer, Schomburg was considered a radical for his time. He published essays and poems. His writings inspired Puerto Ricans, Latinos, and Afro-Americans.
-He was a collector of materials on Africa and its diaspora. His collection included over 10,000 documents, which was added to the Division of Negro Literature, History and Prints of the Harlem branch of The New York Public Library.
Here's a video footage of Schomburg in the original reading room with librarian Catherine Latimer in 1937.
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I've used the Schomburg a few times ^_^ so grateful!