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It's all the waves. Yeezy season is officially upon us.

Season three to be exact. If you've been a fan of Kanye's previous collections then I'm pretty sure you're on the edge of your seat with anticipation. Fashion week is upon us and Kanye has put the word out that Yeezy Seaon 3 will be making it's way to Madison Square Garden on February 11th and he is extending the invitation to all his fans. If you were one of many who tried to get your hands on a pair of Yeezy Boost's when they released online, but didn't happen to be quick enough -- you're going to want to put your wrist to work to score these tickets before they're sold out. I mean seriously, who else gives their fans access to both their new album and their new fashion collection in theaters across the world? Nobody, but Mr. West himself. Was Kim this positive influence in Kanye's life? One will never know, but I highly doubt any of us are complaining. There's no telling what this new collection will consist of, but as we've seen in his previous collections -- minimalism and neutral colors took over. Hopefully, I'm not the only one hoping for that again.
Less than two weeks and we shall see what greatness Yeezy has up his sleeve, but until then -- try your best to get your hands on some tickets because this is an event you won't want to miss. If you do, be prepared to suffer from a serious case of FOMO [see @nicolejb's card here].

Will you be attempting to get your hands on tickets?

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Tickets for a live stream? I love fashion, but that's a little bit wacky. Come on now. If Gucci and Chanel can live stream for free...Yeezy can too.
oh wow, I would be so down for this actually..
You should try and snag those tickets girl! There was a glitch with the site earlier, but it's worth a try @nicolejb
That's so true! I guess the hype included is getting first access to hear his album "waves" it's Kanye though. So many people would do anything for Kanye. I'm sure the prices are an arm & a leg though @TessStevens
@ChristianMordi would you invest?