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I just read this article and I'm so excited to see it. V is in it. although it doesn't sound like he's going to be acting it's more of reality tv. But it's still getting him towards his goals. So V will be in a drama soon hopefully! I'm so excited to watch all the episodes with him know them. I'll also watch for who else is on the show.
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loll that show should be watched out for never know when our bias groups are gonna make an appearance @SarahVanDorn
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I'm sooo excited now!馃榿Thanks for letting me know about this new show with our adorable taehyung馃挒 @SarahVanDorn馃槂 I really need to catch up on my dramas馃槄
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From what i understand he's only in the first episode. but still, it's so exciting!
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i am so.....ready
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@ocherrylimeadeo yea that's what it is seeming like but oh well I'm so excited for it @kpopandkimchi I got the navers app ready
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