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Man I really love these!
Well hello there Yoongi! We are probably best friends that's why heh ' Its because you have swag!' 'Aww thanks Yoongi' 'Swag' *extends his arms and goes to sleep*
Hmm....hopefully not math because we know who is the genius! 'Yah! Sam, I am also smart!' 'Oh sorry bout that Tae...didn't see you there!'
Hobi!! Why???? 'You're short so move' 'Well excuse you Hobi' *secretly happy that he got to touch your shoulder*
Eomma....heh 'Wait don't take my notebook!' 'What's the big deal??' *looks at the pages* 'Oh' 'Its....I am trying to perfect my writing!!!' 'Yeah okay...' *doesn't believe a word he says*
Tae...that's cute! 'You aren't supposed to know!' 'I know you're writing Tae' 'But thanks I never got letters' *Tae mumbles something because he is happy*
'The cards worked Jagi!!''' 'Yes they did Tae' *in the process of prying a clinging Tae' 'I'm trying to get to class' *he starts making weird alien noises* 'I am abducting you!'