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Funny meme created by me ☝ ️Hope you have a great day! All rights reserved to Hiro Mashima
I'm surprised/glad that they ended up making Fairy Tail Zero into an anime, yet alone very quickly. Considering that I read the manga and learned about the founding of fairy tail and how Mavis meet Zeref... Well not gonna spoil it so you'll just have to watch or read the manga 😛
I feel like the anime should just be a one-off OVA. is it? because Zero didn't run that long
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That's what I thought because it's kind of like the other OVA. It's a spin off of Mavis ,but they interrupted the main story when Nastu is supposed to be training so I'm not certain if it's is or not @InVinsybll
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so where can I go to read the Manga for free then 😐
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