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Despite hitting a few bumps in the road, the stars were all giving off positive vibes in the Twitterverse. See what we mean in today’s Twitter Roundup! Jay Park posted a photo of himself, toting a large bottle of bubbly, on his Instagram with the caption “celest champagne!!” Looks like someone’s going to be popping bottles soon! SNSD’s Taeyeon appeared to be in the market for a new phone and was taking votes on her Instagram, posting a photo with the caption “[Q] I Phone? or Galaxy? #new #baby.” Sorry, we were a little distracted by the Chanel. Actor Lee Min Ho tweeted a photo on May 9 with the caption “Let’s get it on.” Who else clicked on the photo expecting something else? After making a stop in New York City, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon tweeted a photo on May 8, greeting fans from a new location and writing “hello Singapore.” 2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted an old family photo and a beautiful bouquet on May 8 with the message, “With thanks on Parents’ Day.” SHINee’s Jonghyun delighted fans with an update, tweeting a series of photos. He tweeted a screen shot of chili crab and wrote, “Parents’ Day gift! Mom, eat it well. Everyone took care of their parents, right? I love you, my family.” In case you were wondering if Jonghyun really whipped up the real deal… He tweeted another photo with the caption, “Delicious!” before writing, “I went to the mart at three to buy the ingredients and went to Noryangjin…I was busy for one reason or another! For the first time in a long time, I got some fresh air and cooked for my mom. It felt so good! And now my stomach’s going to explode…” The award for best son in the world goes to…? 2NE1’s Minzy tweeted a photo of herself enjoying the beautiful weather on May 8, writing “Good Good.” The 4minute members updated fans with a photo via Cube Entertainment’s official Twitter and the message, “4minute, who won first place on yesterday’s Show Champion! Where did they rush off to after the recording? A proof shot of 4minute’s win made complete at the hospital! Everyone, congrats x20090618. Get well soon.” Member Hyuna was recently hospitalized for high fever and dehydration. Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo also spent a day at the hospital as revealed by his sister, who tweeted a photo with the message, “Spent Parents’ Day this year at the hospitalㅠㅠ. My mom, who was admitted to the hospital for a fracture after falling while exercising, and our dad, who isn’t feeling well…..Get better soon, don’t be sick and live a long healthy life. I love you.” We hope everyone gets well soon! Photo credit: Above mentioned stars′ respective SNS [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]
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