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"what did you said" "he is capable of murder" "Jen-ho, why your with him still, why you put yourself in danger? Even with your daughter!! Whats wrong with you Jen-ho. You know better than this. Are you that stupid?? In what state of mind was you thinking about that living that way was a life. Jen-ho I held on to you, I trusted you, why you hold yourself back?" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Jen-ho starts to tear up. Jiyong saw how broken Jen-ho was. So he hugged her tight and she hugs him back. An embrace which they had missed. "Ummm,, you guys. the scenario is beautiful, but there's danger ahead. These mother fuckers have guns, and we don't" Jack start to back up, and Jiyong runs to his car. He pops the trunk. "You guys come here!" Jiyong calls Jack and Jen-ho. When they saw what's inside the trunk, their eyes popped open. "Dude your packed" "Always prepared" "That's what's up" Jiyong and Jack starts to grab some guns and Jen-ho walks forward. She grabs a gun and click it. Jiyong looks at her and then he smirks *That's my girl* Jack smiles, and Jiyong looks st him puzzle. "Why your laughing" "We look cool man. we ready to kill some mother fuckers" "Ohh god" Jiyong laughs. Then they guys start to get closer and they began shooting. Jack hides behind the van, Jiyong and Jen-ho hides behind the car. They each start to shoot and one by one they hit there target. Then a guy was sneaking around Jiyong's car and was going behind Jen-ho. He raised a knife, as he was about to get her, Jiyong saw it and quickly grabbed Jen-ho and pull her towards him. He grabs the guys hand which holds the knife. Jiyong noticed that the guy has strength. Then the knife was going towards his heart. Jiyong bring his knee up and kicked the guy on the stomach. Then he gave three quick punches at the guys face. But then the guy grabbed Jiyong by his ankle and throw him on the floor. The guy started to punch and kick Jiyong, till he grabbed the knife again and as he was about stab him, Jiyong grabbed again the guys hand. Jiyong was losing his strength. The knife was getting closer and closer towards his throat. *I can't. .. I can't hold on no more. Im sorry Jen-ho and Jin-ho * The knife got closer and closer, he feels the the knife slowly cutting his neck. All of a sudden.....
Will he give up? What will happen to Jiyong? *Don't kill me yet* xD PREVIEW THE BEGINNING MEETING JIN-HO WITH HER HIDDEN WORDS RESULTS ONE WAY MEMORIES TESTED TRAPPED @SabrinaSakura @amberg171997 @BrittanyBell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakesAli @AmberRelynn @lilbr0wneyes @btsgotshinee @dayashley11 @JuanitaBooRiv @Maddie27 @MadAndrea @AkashBhojraj @ClaudiaCastro @CarenBoyKins @felicityautum @BekiKunstman @OliviaEdwards @DeniseiaGardner @SamariaAllen @NickySerban @SaraHanna @Helixx @amullins2007 @karinamiranda81 @JohannaTlatench @MissT615 @KarenGuerra93 @KaylaStokes @JayDay @JennyKool @xroyalreisx @lovelyashley91 @laylabehnia @KpopQueenaBee @summerblack2 @SugaMint @tiffany1922 @ParkHwaYoung @TaliaMay14 @Kieuseru @anarose @Shellyfuentes70 @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 @DominiqueThomas @kpopandkimchi @ToppDogg @Lizzeh @Jiyongixoxo @nekoheart @Maddie27 @KwonOfAKind @SugaOnTop @catchyacrayon @amobigbang @marisamusic @DawanaMason @TeaeraHarrell @DekaraMiller @Helixx @ladygdragon @JackieG1617 @thatkdramalover @AristaJ @glo86 @B1A4BTS5ever @GDsGF @palaguachie21 @saraortiz2002 @ZitaMahoney @Adetoro @SarahVanDorn @ItatiSanchez @loftonc16 @DominiqueThomas @megancurrent9 @KarolinaTrevino @camrynchemy @DeniseiaGardner @Defy24601@MyalsNotSexy @nightshade18 @NasihaOcasio @brirodriguez412 @Ticasensei @ArielaPicazo @lovetopia @thePinkPrincess @Kpossible4250 @LenaBlackRose @SamariaAllen @amberg171997 @BrandyJones @QueenLele @glo86 @BekiKunstman @VIPforever123 @JasmineWilliams @CarenBoyKins @3SecondsOfHope @woahdersierra @SaraHanna @SaiT @Ercurrent @thePinkPrincess @drummergirl691 @MorleeCorielus @NickySerban @MarrickeJ33 @katyng52 @Kpopmom@JadeOwens @obiterdictum @kpopbunny9 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MsLoyalHeart @JinsPrincess86 @maatiCasanova @amullins2007 @BTS282236 @Craze4Haylu @jjrockstar @maddiedo @obiterdictum @ravenblackwell @MikaLewis @aliahwhbmida @justcallmekyki @cthulu @ZwankimaWalker @hmelodie @Lilith24 @SydneyLstrange @MelissaGarza @bettytolliver @SandaraGrimaldo @mellyortiz @Lizzeh @ChavaBerry @SindyHernandez @NicoleJolly @SusiBosshammer @AdiaJasinski @alecram27 @JessicaEvaristo @LaurenDimalanta @YunBao @reyestiny93 @LizaNightshade @screamoparadise @CrystalGuerra @KoreanDramaMaMa @ShellyVargas @harukachihan
Jiyong I'm pissed at her too about her not telling you that you had a kid but I gotta say from her point of view she did just want you to do well in life with out any please don't make her feel worse. Like your kid as been kidnapped please refrain from yelling at a hoe until after we get the baby back . Jack keeping it real lmao . Jiyong.....are -are you in the mafia who casually has all them guns in their trunk. You're acting like you do this on the regular Jack: We don't have any guns tho Jiyong: Nah bruh, YOU GET A GUN AND YOU GET A GUN ...A DON'T REALLY LIKE YOU BUT YOU GET A GUN ....GUNS ALL AROUND!! . . Lmao Jack "We look cool, we about to kill some motherfuckers" (Jack is dead on my favorite character ...he gives me life XD) . . Well damn Jiyong we need the Jiyong from "The power and the hate" here he would've kicked their a** . . wait......I know this says preview but I can't help but be like "Where there rest" JIYONG IF YOU DIE HERE IMMA BE ULTRA BUTT HURT.....your bae or Jack better run up and stab that guy or something . . I need this Daddy Daughter relationship to continue ....don't let it end like this I'm simply not okay with this cliff hanger (.___.) . .
Save him jen-ho!! Do something good for once in your life!!!
Why are you doing this to us?!?!? @BBxGD
Wait wat this guy can't kill my Jiyong !!!
NOOOOO Why did you stop there! I take back my other comment. THIS is the biggest cliffhanger I ever read!😱
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