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Wooo my babies!!
Shanghai??? 'Oh hey Sam didn't see you there!' 'Its not my fault you are tall!' *he blushes slightly*
Ah there goes Baekho!! *is hiding behind a bush* 'No I am not stalking him'
'Aron what are you doing?' *looks up from a card he was making* 'Eh? Sam! Nothing just doing stuff!' 'Let me see!' 'No!' * he starts running with the card and I follow* 'No Sam you cant!'
'Yo Sam!' *JR calls out and I stop chasing Aron* 'JR hi!!' *I greet him going up to him* 'Want to go out with me?' *Aron overhears and his heart starts beating fast* 'What!!!!!' * my cheeks get hot*
'No, Sam cant date any of us' *Shanghai comes towards us* 'Its her choice' *JR smiles at me*
*Ren comes out from literally no where and glares at the guys* 'Lets go' * he pulls me away by the wrist* 'Wait up Ren!' * I try to pry my wrist away*
*JR reaches for my other hand, easily pulling me towards him* 'Ren what were you trying to do?' *Ren shrugs and walks away* *my heart starts beating fast as I cling onto JR*
'So whats your answer??' *JR and the rest look at me* 'Yes JR I will go out with you' *the others scream in frustation* 'We should have helped her!!!'