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The group of the week is:.................... MADTOWN!!!!!
Madtown is a 7-member group formed under J.Tune Camp. They made their debut on October 6, 2014 with the extremely catchy title song "YOLO" and released their first mini album named "Mad Town - Super Debut" as well. (So good by the way, check it out)
On March 12, 2015 Madtown made their comeback with the title song "New World" which was inspired from a famous Korean movie and they released their second mini album "Welcome To Madtown"
November 12 they made yet another comeback with the digital single album "OMGT". (SO CATCHY GUYS)
The name Madtown means "the gathering of seven bad boys, who have passion, are carefree, love music, and know how to play" yeah I know, weird but trust me, the group is weird.
The fandom name: Madpeople.
Throughout the week I will be giving you individual member cards and facts about the members (positions, real names, ages, etc.) Today will be the start of those :)
Check out the music videos and dance practices below!

I have all their songs on repeat 24/7 but my favorite is YOLO. :) Check them out and tell me what you guys think! Remember to check back everyday this week for member profiles, funny videos, and awesome pictures!
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@JiyongLeo I like that ""Moos"""...Oh no... I m in rabbit hole again... why... why...((slapping my face))😫😫😫😫
who is that guy eatting banana (topless)...ↀↀOnly check out the body first..😲😲😲😲
@Helixx @JiyongLeo Oh No.... I m NOT going to watch it. I will not... oh... why am I watching it now... NO!!!!!! 😫😫😫😫
NO! No more rabbit holes! @lovetopia don't look at this card. Don't watch the video. Hide your kids, hide your wife!
@lovetopia That's Moos
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