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My first fanfiction made public so just bare with me. Summary: You and your 5 best friends are a dance crew. You call yourselves the Fantasy Dance Crew. You guys are an internet sensation. You guys finally saved up enough money to go on vacation to Korea and that's when your fates are changed... Reader x Bang YongGuk. (Will be other pairings as well.) Romance fluff
You and your five best friends exit the airport terminal. You and your friends look around smiling. "I can't believe we made it to South Korea!" You exclaimed "Right! After all we love this country. Plus our dance crew was inspired by Kpop to do dance covers." Marie said "Come on lets go collect our luggage" You ushered your friends to the luggage claim and wait for your bags. You guys stand there talking about all the things you wanted to see and do when a voice speaks up behind you. "E-Excuse me?" the voice stutters. You turn around at the voice and see a young girl who looks to be about 16 standing there. Behind her was a group of boys and girls of similar age. "Yes?" you replied smiling. "A-Aren't you girls the Fantasy Dance crew on RedTube?" she asked "Yes we are." you answered a little surprised that she knew who you all were.
After your confirmation the girls face lit up like the sun as she smiled and jumped excitedly. "I knew it!" she yells smiling. You and your friends are a little taken a back by her excitement. "Oh my God! We are such huge fans of yours! We watch your videos constantly we even subscribed to your channel so we don't miss a performance. We lover your dance covers and your freestyle." She smiles happily as the group behind her nod in confirmation. You and your friends smile at them. "I didn't know we had a fan base out here." Marie says. "Let formally introduce ourselves to our fans." You said Marie steps up first and bows. "I'm Marie the visual of the group and second lead dancer." Marie stood 5'5 brown hair with a bob cut, blues eyes, full lips and a heart shaped face. "I'm Mary the fashion expert of the group." She bows. Mary stood 5'5 as well with wavy shoulder length blonde hair, hazal eyes, bow shaped mouth her face had sharper angles. "I'm Sarah. I'm the financial brains of the group." Sarah stood 5'6 with straight black hair with red streaks to her shoulder blades. She also has blue eyes and her face a little more rounded. She was the tallest member.
"Im Joy! I'm the prop designer and hair and make up expert.!" She exclaimed happily. Joy was the sunshine of the group. She stood at 5'4, wavy strawberry blonde hair to mid-back. Gray eyes, plump bottom lip with with a smaller upper lip. Her face had soft edges wasn't to sharp or to round. "I'm Amy. The cutest member and also the Maknae. My family owns our studio." She says smiling. She was 5'4 red hair, light brown eyes that sparkled with youth. Her top lip was fuller then the bottom lip. Her face was a little round due to still having baby fat and not growing into her body fully yet. "I'm Y/N. I'm the leader, eldest and the shortest." You said. You stood at 5'3 curly light brown hair reaching your lower back, green eyes, full lips and heart shaped face as well. The fans bow then jumps excitedly "So happy we can meet you guys in person, We thought it would be impossible since you guys live in the U.S." one fan pipes in. "Can we take your pictures?" one fan asked. "Of course but lets grab our luggage first." you said. You and your friends turn around and pull your bag off and set them at your feet. Looks at your fan smiling. "Okay you can take pictures." Marie says. Your fans gather around you as you guys pose with them smiling.
What seems like forever of picture taking your fans finally say there good byes and leave talking excitedly. "I now know what idols go through on a daily and can't help but admire them for there patience." Sarah says. "Yeah, but it was an amazing feeling" Joy pipes in. You guys laugh softly. Another voice reaches your ears this one more male. "Um.. Can we take a picture with you guys too?" the male says. You look over and notices two men heavily disguised. Wearing long coat, hats sunglasses and medical mask. One was extremely tall that you had to look up at him. 'Whoa he's tall' you think. You look to the other one. He was just as disguised as the first one. He was still taller then you. Looks to be about 5'9-5'10. You stare at them. Something telling you that you know who they were. Then a light bulb went off in your head and your eyes widen as you realized who they were and your mouth gapes open. "Y-you guys are.... Ill end it here everyone. Its my first crack at trying to put my thoughts on paper. So be gentle. lol
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