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With season 6 of Game of Thrones set to begin April 24th on HBO, a lot of information has been coming out about the Sansa Stark character. Fans of the hit show cried foul (again) and took to social media during and at the end of last season because of how much gratuitous 'wrong' that Sansa Stark endured.
Early on in the series we kept waiting for her to get avenged. And by season 4, when that clearly wasn't going to happen, we shouted and screamed in our collective living rooms, begging her to seek revenge. By the time season 5 had ended where Sansa had been subjected to rape, among other things, it was as though the writers (and HBO) derived some sort of sick pleasure by seeing her character endure so much punishment. Viewers began to give up on her character and the show.
Well, they must have heard us because Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, kept the juicy spoilers to herself and boasted that season 6 is going to see dramatic leap in the arc of Sansa's character. Things are going to happen and the justice we've all been demanding is going to begin to emerge.
Can't wait to see! Of course, I'd rather be binge-watching it than chomping at the bit week by week.

What are you most looking forward to seeing this season?

I don't watch Game of Throne unfortunately :(
Really?!! Oh you really must @nicolejb Is it the best show ever? Hardly. But it's really entertaining. It's best to binge watch these with people who have seen them before. They can pause it and clue you in. Also, don't be shy about watching it with subtitles on because some of the actors love to mumble their lines. The seasons are quick, not a lot of episodes. You should just give it a go. I admit, the first time I tried to watch it I had fallen asleep. It's a slow paced show, so don't expect something quick like Luther.