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Hello and welcome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so glad that you are all enjoying it so very much! I'm sorry it to me so long! Writers block sucks!!
Krystal and Charles sat with JJ as he cried, holding him tightly. None of them could have predicted what had happend just a few hours prior. "Don't worry sweetness. Raven will come back. She loves you. Things like these happen sometimes." she promised, holding him close to her. She hated seeing him so distraught. It broke her heart in two to watch him cry. JJ had always felt everything like a fae. His emotions were ten times more multiplied then those of a humans, so this betreyal was devastating to him. He just didn't understand what could have scared her so bad she'd just run. He held his face in his hands. "I just don't understand it mommy! Why would she just leave like that? She promised me forever!" His voice was high a pitched a whine as he sniffled, having no more tears to cry at the moment. She had shattered his heart.
Once JJ was put to bed by Krystal, Charles sat in the living room with a cup of tea. "I don't understand it either. If she was having a pronlem, why didn't she tell us? My sister never used to keep anything from me." he admitted with a sigh, smiling a little as Krystal sat in his lap. Now that they were an item, she often sat in his lap for comfort. She reasted her head on his shoulder, simply relaxing. She knew somehow it would all work out. Krystal gave Charles a passionate kiss, changing her posistion so she straddled him on the couch. "How about I help you forget about Raven and JJ for awhile, hm?" she asked with a smirk, mussing his hair a little as she smirked. She was determined to release the tension she knew he was feeling over all this. They both were in need of some stress relief. Krystal smirked at him. "Come on Charlie. I know you want me. I can feel it." She purred, running a finger down his chest. She could already feel the bulge forming in his pants. tonight was gonna be fun. they would hopefully relieve some of the tension that had built because of JJ and Raven. Charles blushed, kissing her hard and passionately, pulling her closer. "Sometimes you know me better than I know myself Krys." he replied, smirking back at her as he carried her to bed.
Meanwhile, JJ was having a pleasent dream. He was standing outside a hospital door in the maternity ward, not being ablebto be in the delivery room despite his ample qualifications. He was remembering what doctor mallord had said. "Dr. Barnes, as qualified as you are, fathers aren't allowed in the delivery room. Please just wait here." He remembered him saying, and he sat, fiddling with his fingers as he awaited news. Krystal was next to get there with Charles, who stayed outside with JJ while his own wife delivered. "We'll know soon enough, JJ." Charles promised, holding his head a bit. He'd always hated hospitals. So full of pain that he could feel because of his powers. JJ rubbedbhis back a bit, knowing the feeling. Until he had learned to control it, his days in residency were murder on his head. More often than not, the 14 year old just used his extensive healing powers to cure those he couldn't stand seeing in pain. Before the two of them knew it, their wives doctors came out of the delivery room smiling. "You will be glad to know that both your wives are fine, and are recovering well. Dr Barnes, a boy for you, and Mr. Xavier? Twins. boy and girl." He explained, showing them to their wives, who coincidentally were in the same room. JJ grinned, running over to his wife and kissing her quickly. "He's just beautiful, Raven. Just like you." he told her softly, snuggling closely. They had decided already on the names. Celeste Krystal for a girl and Krystian Charles for a boy. Raven smiled at him. "Our little boy, Jamie." Charles was amazed at the two little things in his wife's arms. He didn't know even how they created these two little things all by themselves. "Amazing." was all he could say, giving her a light kiss and taking his daughter. They had already decided on names. Alexander Charles after Krystal's father and for the girl, Serenity Raven. Things were going good. In real time, JJ was crying as he slept. This was a beautiful dream, but right now he was so broken from Raven's leaving that he didn't believe it was possible. At least not thenpart about him and her. His mother and Charlesnon the other hand? He had no doubts they'd have children.
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